Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Touch of Spring

Here is a shot of my tulips that I planted last fall. The picture really doesn't do them justice. Of course the fence is there to keep the deer from feasting on them. So far it has worked.

I went to a new doctor last week. Since moving to Oregon 8 1/2 years ago I haven't had a Gynecologist. I have been seeing my General Practitioner for my girlie tests each year. I decided I would find one and go and I did. Well the doctor I chose is very thorough. She tested me for my vitamin D and also wanted me to have a bone scan. No problem. I worked at Curves about 5 years ago and each year they had a bone scan offered to their members for a nominal fee and as an employee I was able to have it for free. When I was tested the "doctor" who administered the test (which by the way was of my index finger)told me my bone density was like that of a teenager and also told me to stop taking my calcium because I could end up with calcium deposits on my bones if I had too much calcium. Well, I didn't stop taking it but my DEXA scan results were shocking to me, to say the least. I have thinning bones. I don't have Osteoporosis (yet) but I am on the way to it if I don't take action now. She said I had two options. The first was medication taken once a week and the second is a supplement that contains the mineral strontium, which has been proven to regrow bones. I am going to try this method first since I don't want to have to take any prescription drugs if I don't have to . What they will do is retest me in 6 months to see how I am doing. Also, my test for vitamin D came back low as well. It is pretty common for people living in the Northwest to test low in vitamin D but I have been taking supplements for several years of 1000 mg a day. Mine came back at 40 and 50 is normal and 60-100 is optimum. Sooo, since this also contributes to your bone density I am now going to be taking 5000 mg a day plus the Grow Bone supplement which also contains some vitamin D.

Last night I was scanning the internet reading up on bone density and what can cause you to lose bone and one of the things I read is weight loss can cause bone loss. It said if you lose 20 pounds not only do you lose weight but you lose muscle (which I knew) and bone. Well, I thought about the amount of times I have lost 20 pounds in my lifetime and the fact that I've lost nearly 100 pounds in the last few years and it makes sense. Also, when I was have the reflux my surgeon had me taking Prilosec twice a day and last year I heard on the news that Prilosec can cause calcium to be leached from your bones. When I heard that I stopped taking it. I wonder if it affected my bones while I did take it. Check back here in 6 months and see how I am doing.

Next week I go in for my upper GI and possible fill of the band. Fingers crossed for good results.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend plans messed up.......

We went to coast with another couple to join a camping club for a weekend outing on Thursday. We planned to stay until Monday and hoped the weather wouldn't be too awful. We arrived on Thursday a little after noon. The park we were in was very nice and has it's own lake. The first night of the campout was Friday. They had a little gathering in the clubhouse at 4:30. We were to bring "light snacks" and something to drink. I made Jalapeno Poppers from the recipe I got from my sister in law. They were a big hit. If you want the recipe here it is: Jalapeno Poppers 1 pkg of Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage 1 pkg (8 oz) of cream cheese 1 cup of parmesan cheese Fresh whole jalapenos Cook the sausage until crumbly and done and then add the cream cheese in small chunks. Mix them well and then add the cup of parmesan cheese. This makes a huge amount so you can freeze what's left for another time. Cut the jalapenos in half lengthwise and remove the veins and seeds. This will keep them from being really hot. Lay them on a cookie sheet fill the cavity with the sausage mixture. Preheat the oven to 375 and cook for 30 minutes. After our hors d'oevres time was about over I went back to our motor home to get our dinner plates and silverware for dinner. When I walked in, Chloe (our Bichon Frise) was standing in the middle of the floor not moving and her head was looking down. This was odd so I spoke to her and she didn't respond. I walked over to her and bent down and spoke again and put my hand under her chin to lift her head. She screamed like in pain. I couldn't imagine what was wrong with her. I had only been gone about an hour and she was laying in the recliner when I left. She then walked over to the front of the couch and laid down. I laid beside her and tried to sooth her and pet her. Then I reach up and got my cellphone and called Bob to come back quickly. When he got there she was still laying in the same spot . She would scream out every few minutes. It seemed as though maybe she had fallen and hurt herself. We stayed with her a while and then decided she was OK and went to eat our dinner with the group and then came back as soon as we finished. She screamed most of the night so neither of us got much sleep. Bob stayed with her and told me to get some sleep. I was in bed but couldn't sleep. We decided to bring her home to her own vet, since they are open on Saturdays. I gave Molly, our cat her thyroid medicine before we left and carried Chloe to the car and sat her on my lap. After driving about 30 minutes she seemed really uncomfortable and Bob stopped so I could get out and get into the back seat with her. She was more comfortable there and laid on the seat next to me. We drove straight to the Vet's office. They took her in right away and the vet checked her thoroughly but wasn't able to xray her because she would need to be sedated and wouldn't revive in time for us to take her before the office closed. He checked her legs, her neck and moved everything all over and she never screamed. He put her leash on and had me walk her through the office and down the stairs and across the parking lot and back and up the stairs and she did all of it with no problem. She did slow down and start limping a little on her right leg though. She has arthritis in that leg and was diagnosed a few years ago. So what he decided was to give her a shot of a non steroidal anti inflammatory and some of the liquid medicine she had been given before for me to take home. She started acting better within the hour. We went home and both of us took a long nap and she did too. Bob went back to the coast last night and I stayed home with her to make sure she was alright. She seems to me fine now. She ate her dinner and in fact is still sleeping now. I went in to see her a little while ago and she is sprawled out on her bed. She just now got up and went outside to do her business. She seems fine. The whole time I was at the coast it was raining. It isn't raining here at home but it is still cloudy. Bob called this morning and said the sun was out there. I hope it comes out here too. I need to go out and take pictures of the tulips I planted last fall. They're beautiful. They are in a fenced area out front because deer love to eat tulips. They actually could jump the little fence that is around the planter but so far they haven't. I guess there is plenty of food around for them to eat. Bob will probably stay there until tomorrow since we already paid for the 4 nights there. The people I did get to meet were very nice and I am looking forward to the next camp out so I can meet the rest and spend some fun time with them. It's kind of nice to have the house to myself though. It's so quiet though, but I can watch whatever I want on television and I think I will work on one of my quilts that is ready for quilting. I will put it on the frame and start the process today.