Monday, April 7, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted

I haven't posted here since a week before my surgery. I had it on the 26th. I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck afterward. The nursing staff blamed it on the air they use to pump up the stomach area for the surgery. I tend to think it also has to do with maybe some tenderness in the stomach area nerves after the banding. Anyway, I am feeling much better now and I am looking forward to my post op appt this Thursday. Then I will know how I have done weightwise and I will be able to eat real food again and not just mushy stuff like yogurt, cottage cheese, cream of wheat, cream soups. I have eaten real food on a couple of occasions due to being out and about. I did fine with them. I also have been eating sugar free Jello and sugar free Jello pudding. I found their Dulce de Leche pudding and it is soooo yummy. I love it. I haven't taken a before picture so I will have to have Bob (My hubby)take one for me. Well, I will try to be better about my updates from here on.