Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music and fun and hopefully not heat

This weekend is the Oregon Jamboree. We have been parked in the Elks lodge for the last two nights. We took our boat home yesterday. We are hoping the weather will cool off some. We still have our pets with us. It got up to 104 on Tuesday and was 101 yesterday. It feels way cooler today. We won't have power to run our air conditioner while we are parked at the site of the jamboree. We do have a generator in our motor home but if it's really hot we will just come home. I hope it cools off as forecasted because I want to see the performances. It was very hot at our house. The Northwest has been having a real heatwave. Record heat!! So we will go and if the weather is too hot we will head for home. Don't want our kitties and Chloe to suffer in a hot motor home. I need to find a house sitter for the future. It's hard to go places without the pets since Molly is on medication twice a day and Chloe needs to be let out to go to the bathroom and be fed. I hated coming down off that mountain where we spent the last 2 weeks. It was so cool up there and relaxing. Anyway, I will probably not be online after today since we will be camping without hookups and last year I wasn't able to grab a wifi signal from the area where we parked. So I will make an entry on Monday after we get home.