Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on Molly

We took Molly to the vet yesterday. They said the symptoms sounded like either diabetes or hypothyroidism or something else that I can't remember. Anyway, they took some blood from her and couldn't get any urine (she must have gone before we left). The doctor called me in the afternoon and said she had good news for me. Her glucose was good and the only thing they found wrong was her thyroid wasn't functioning correctly. It has gone into overdrive. She used to be a really fat kitty. When she jumped onto your lap her feet just dug into your thighs and it hurt. Well, she only weighs 5 pounds now. Her metabolism is so speeded up she is hungry all the time and thirsty and she can't keep any weight on. Hubby said he'd like the same problem. LOL So now they are giving her an antibiotic and a gel from the compounding pharmacy that you run on the inside of her ears. On the left ear in the morning and the right in the evening. So I am hoping she gets back to her normal self quickly. I noticed Chloe was favoring her leg again this morning. I am going to give her a little bit of the anti-inflammatory medicine and see if that helps. I should have asked the vet if glucosamine would benefit her since she has arthritis.
Well, I am going to get to the gym this morning since I missed going yesterday due to taking Molly in. Then I think I will go to the Farmers Market. I miss it every Saturday. I always forget it and by the time I venture out and about it is over with. Our temperature is forecasted to be around 89 today. I think the warm weather is definitely on it's way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Update on Chloe

I got a call from the vet yesterday afternoon. He said he had good news for me. He said the specialist that he sent the xrays to said the problem was arthritis not cancer or a bone infection. He also mentioned the curved bone in her leg. He said the specialist said that was a secondary problem caused by the arthritis. I told him her front legs have always been bowed like that since she was a puppy. Then he mentioned fixing it by cutting the bone and I thought, No way!!! So they will be sending me a bill for the specialists input now.

Now I have to take Molly in today. If it isn't one thing it's another. I think she may be in bad shape. She has gotten so thin over the last year. Poor kitty.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's one of those days I guess. I went for my one year appointment of LapBand surgery back at the beginning of April. They took my picture from the front and the side. They also took my picture at the 6 month appointment and when I first went to the surgery center and applied for the surgery. Well, in the past they emailed me the pictures for my files. This time I didn't get the pictures. So I called the office and talked to one of the girls at the desk. I explained that I hadn't received my latest pictures from the appointment 3 weeks ago. "Oh, well what is your email address?" I gave it to her and she said she would have it sent to me. I waited a couple more weeks and this time I emailed the person who sent me the last pictures and asked her to send them to me. No response. Rather than make a pest of myself, I waited again. Tuesday I received an email from the nurse at the office reminding me of the support meeting Wednesday night so I thought "ok I'll try her" I emailed her and explained what I had been through before and waited. She emailed me back and said she would have help there on Thursday would have the girl helping send me the pictures. Great, I was happy. Well, this morning I saw an email with an attachment so I quickly downloaded it and couldn't wait to see my latest photos. When I opened the file I couldn't believe what I saw. She sent me the pictures of someone else. She added it to the first two sets of pictures and unless she was totally blind she could tell it wasn't me. I mean, pullleeez I have white hair, they sent me a picture of a woman with brown hair who didn't look anything like me. I guess you just can't get good help these days. I just got another email from the person who sent me the pictures. She said they are looking for the pictures and as soon as they locate them they will send them to me. Grrrrr! Hope you are all having a good day. By the way, Chloe is feeling much better. She isn't limping and is frisky and playful again. I haven't heard anything from the vets office as to what the specialist thinks of the xray they took. I guess we will have to call them so they can charge us another fee. What is going on in this world???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I wish you all a very blessed, warm and restful Mother's Day. I am hoping I am not forgotten by my own children this special day. It seems that sometimes the day goes by and I am not foremost in their minds. Sad but true. I don't expect much, a phone call and a brief conversation would be very nice. I hope you all are remembered this day by your children and feel special as well.
As for Chloe, so far we haven't heard anything about the specialist who was going to look over the xray of her leg. I am struggling to get the medicine in her each day. She has been on medication several times in her life so she has it down to a science how to avoid the meds. She is on an antibiotic that is in capsule form. The easy way to give it to her would be to open her mouth and pop in the pill and hold her mouth shut until she swallows it. NOT! This dog clamps her mouth shut and there is no opening it. So you have to outsmart her. The first few days were easy and now it's becoming more difficult. Unfortunately, the medicine inside the capsule is vile and bitter. I have been trying to disguise it in foods she loves but she is looking at me with distrust now. Also unfortunately, my husband leaves it up to me to get the medicine in her. She also has a liquid anti-inflammatory that you squirt in her mouth with a syringe (without a needle). It's a small amount and it doesn't taste bad but she now avoids me completely when I call her over to me. So I have to catch her off guard. Why don't they make medicine more palatable for animals? Anyway, she started acting better the first day on the pain killer. She isn't even limping anymore and we are hoping that is a sign that she just had injured the leg and it isn't cancer. I am thinking that once we hear back on the 2nd opinion we will take her to an orthopaedic veterinarian that is in the Portland area. He is supposedly one of the best in his field. As if this isn't enough, now I am going to have to take our oldest cat Molly to the vet. I have been finding little blood spots on the floor in areas that she lays and also in the litter box. She is about 13 years old and has become very thin and I am afraid she is also in trouble. When it rains, it pours.