Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rain is Here

I'm glad I took my walk early today. We were only home about 15 minutes when the rain started. It is dumping on us now. I just got back from Walmart and while I was in the store you could hear the rain pounding on the roof. As I went to leave there was a crowd of people standing by the door waiting for the rain to subside.

Sunny Saturday Morning, for a little while

Upon awaking today I see blue sky and the sun is peaking out from behind the mountains. The weather forecast was to have been lots of rain starting last night. There must have been a delay. They are now saying it will be here soon. Weather forecasting is an imperfect science. Sometimes they are way off base. Other times they are right on. Sometimes I wish they were off base and they aren't. It is nice to see the sun for a while since soon it will be nowhere to be seen and the darkness of the clouds will be present as the rains fall. I just need to remind myself of the trees and flowers that need the rain and enjoy the fact that everything is "greening" up again. Maybe a walk this morning would be a better choice than going to the YMCA.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Live puppy feed

Here is a live feed of a litter of 6 puppies. I heard about it on a television show today, and after doing a Google search I found it. It is fun to watch them play and interact with their people. They just finished nursing and eat outside their bed. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is our granddaughter. She is eleven and she got straight A's on her report card today. What a proud moment. She is actually my husband granddaughter and my step granddaughter. She is a beautiful and a real charmer. This was taken at the beach in August this summer. We are both very proud of her achievement. I have been really getting in some good workouts at the gym. I am trying to get in a good hours worth and I plan to work up from there. Hubby is going fishing tomorrow so I will have plenty of time to do whatever I want. Maybe I will have to hit the mall after I work out. Oh the possibilities!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yay!! I figured out how to add a new template. Now I just need to add back my gadgets, etc.

Well, today is election day and after today we don't have to watch those blasted political ads on television, or in the mail, or answer the phone calls known as Robocalls. I for one will be really happy to end all the political stuff that has been shoved down our throats for the last year or so. May the best man win, and if he doesn't..........GRRRRR!! Anyway, I got in a great workout yesterday and today. Managed to lose one pound. Every little bit helps. My clothes are really looking baggy. It's such a great feeling. I even had a couple of people from church the other day mention that I had lost weight and they didn't know I had WLS. One lady wanted to know what diet I was following. I haven't told many people who I know so I just said I was limiting my caloric intake. Well, I am!! I wish I was more witty and creative with my blog. I am new at this so I will just give it my best shot and see what happens.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been a rainy weekend off and on. My plants are happy since they got a good drink. The rain is helping the leaves release their grip from the branches of the trees. They are landing all over the driveway and the deck. My hubby Bob keeps going out there with his blower and tries to corral them all up. It's a thankless job, since as soon as he finishes his task, a breeze comes and the processes starts all over again and covers the driveway and the deck with colorful, beautiful leaves. But it looks so clean and neat for a few minutes anyway. The weather forecast is calling for rain for the whole week until next weekend. And so it begins, our rainy season. I hope I can escape somewhere south of here where the sun continues to shine in the winter. Having grown up in Southern California I really miss the sun in the winter. After a month or two of gray skies and foggy days and nights it gets very draining on my soul. I have never considered myself a sun-worshiper but every so often the sun will shine in the winter here and everything looks gloriously beautiful. It's amazing how your whole outlook on life improves when the sun is out. I've met a few people who have lived here all their lives and they love and prefer this time of the year. They actually don't like the sunny days. Can you imagine?? Not me. Give me sunshine anytime. I love it.