Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctor's visit.........

I went and saw my doctor today. He was a little stumped as to why I was having the reflux I've been having. It's been almost like aspirating. I wake up coughing and have to get up and move to my recliner. He looked at the pictures of my barium swallow taken back in February when I had a problem and said they looked normal so he was reluctant to have me take another one without first trying to remove a bit of saline from my band. He removed a tiny amount and said to give it a week. If after a week I am still suffering from the same thing he will send me for another barium swallow (upper GI) and get a gastroenterologist involved as well. I am hoping I will have a better night tonight.

We went to Costco while we were in the Eugene area. We don't have one here near where we live. They are planning on building one here next year though. Our friends found a house they like and made an offer on it. It was counter-offered and they accepted. So they will be home owners here in another month. Then they will go back and pack up their home in So Cal and move it all up here. They are planning on selling the house in California. I think I will call it a night now. I am very tired.