Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Photo Tag..

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I was tagged by Karen at Nittany Inspiriations

Ok here it is. The sixth picture in the sixth folder in My Pictures. This one was taken on New Years Day this year at a Rose Bowl Party we attended. The tall good looking guy is my man Bob and the cute gal is Doris who happens to be the wife of our pastor. They were clowning around in the kitchen of the friends holding the party. I had hoped to find one of Chloe in that folder but she wasn't there. So I decided to put one on of her that I took last week anyway. Here is what she said on my blog:You have been tagged. If you would care to play, open the sixth folder of my photos and choose the sixth photo, post it on my blog and tell something about it. Then select 6 other bloggers to tag. Here are the one's I have chosen.
3. Sonya of My Southern Home
4. Katherine of Apifera Farm

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day of fishing........

Okay so today hubby and I went fishing. I caught this 20 inch rainbow trout. I was so excited. When we got home I seasoned it (after it was cleaned of course)and put some slices of lemon inside it and butter and wrapped it in foil. I baked it and then I made fish tacos with it. Hubby ate pork carnitas. He doesn't eat fish. Maybe that is why he never catches any fish. His friends have started to call him fishless Bob. Poor guy, he goes fishing all the time and very seldom does he catch any. So when I go with him and catch one this big right off the bat, well his ego is suffering big time. He still keeps trying though. Ever since he caught his first and only salmon about 5 years ago he was (pardon the pun) hooked. It was a fun and relaxing day anyway. But it did keep me away from Farm Town and Facebook which is taking up an enormous amount of my time lately. I have neglected my blog and I've even started to fall behind in reading your blogs. I need to get into that 12 step program Libby was talking about. Well, it's getting late and I am ready to turn in.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I've been working on lately.......

Here's a new hydrangea that I just bought
Here is one of the azaleas

Here is one of our many ferns. This is in a pot the others in the ground

This is one of the clematis plants.

This is another of the clematis plants, aren't they pretty?