Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quiet morning hours

I love the early morning hours when the house is so quiet. I can read or check emails and it's peaceful. No television going in the background and my pup snuggled against my right thigh. Sometimes I have Molly the cat laying in my lap, if I am not using my laptop. This morning I am listening to the turkeys outside. They come and pick up the bird seed that falls out of the feeder when the birds eat. Now they've moved on and it's quiet again.

Today is going to be a good day. I have a baby shower to attend at 11 and then another get together at 5pm. Plenty of time in between to do whatever I want. I finished cutting out my hubby's fish quilt and need to get started on it. We still haven't assembled the quilting frame. It's because the room it's going into has items in it that I need to either get rid of or find a place for. All the books I have are sitting in piles on the floor. I have gone in and tried to go through them and sort out the ones I don't need or haven't yet read. And some are my hubby's so I try and make a stack for him. Then I just get frustrated over what is to become of them and I walk out of the room. They used to sit on my bookshelf. Then my hubby decided we didn't have room for the bookshelf. So I moved them to the entertainment center that held our stereo components and TV. Then we got a different TV and stopped using the entertainment center so we sold it. Then I moved them to a dresser that wasn't being used. Then we gave it to friends who needed it. So my books are displaced again. Ugh!! Some of them I am thinking of selling on and others I use from time to time to look up things in them so I don't want to pack them away. It's times like this that I wish our house was bigger. Then we have some stereo components and old VCR's that we aren't using anymore. I need to either try selling them or giving them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. The sooner I get it done the sooner I can get my frame assembled.

We are planning to go to the coast in our motor home with another couple for the holiday. We will cook our Thanksgiving dinner in our roaster ovens outside the coach. Then we each will fix what we have decided we'll make and then we will have our dinner together. We bought 2 turkey breasts since we both prefer the white meat. Our friends also bought a whole turkey and will roast it as well. We should have plenty of sandwich fixings for after Thursday. Then the following day we plan to do some crabbing with other friends who come by. Should be a fun time. Hopefully the weather won't be too bad. The forecast is showing no rain until Saturday so I hope it doesn't change. I miss having a big family Thanksgiving, but with our family scattered all about and the older generation having passed on it makes it hard. I have always wanted to go away for Thanksgiving in either the motor home or by renting a cabin somewhere. So this will be a chance to do it finally.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm a slacker...

I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks. I have been lurking in the background just reading and not posting. I also found a few quilting blogs which I've been looking for and finally found. I have been working diligently on some quilting projects. The biggest one is a quilt for the "Squares of Hope" a group I belong to at church. We make and distribute quilts to those in need due to illness or family loss. They are prayed over by many of our members. It's very rewarding to know something you worked on is bringing someone comfort.

I am also cutting out a quilt for my hubby Bob that we bought in a kit at a quilt shop in Florence, Oregon several months ago. It's a fishing themed quilt. I hope it isn't too much for me. So far I am not having any problems with it.

I made some pillowcases out of flannel for our bed. I found a tutorial on YouTube and they are so easy and come out perfect. the tutorial is also for a cause but I only made a couple for us. They also would make great gifts. They are trying to get a million of these made and donated. I need to make some for the Million Pillowcase Challenge also. I didn't take pictures of them or I would post them.

So far I am doing well without my band being filled. My reflux has stopped and I only get heartburn at night. So I take a Zantac before bed and I am ok. I sure don't miss the reflux. I am watching that I don't eat too much. Since I was banded over 2 years ago I know how much my portions should be and I am following these. Now if only I would lay off the candy. I got some candy corn after Halloween at Walmart and I have been grabbing a handful while I am sewing. I need to throw them away since they are pure sugar. But I love them so. And they are only out once a year.

I still haven't gotten my quilting frame assembled. The room where it is to go has some boxes in it and about 40 books that were in a cabinet that we sold. Now I have no place to put the books. I am sorting them and keeping only some of them. I might sell the rest on as used books. Once I get the boxes and books moved my rack can go in there. It's a tiny room so there isn't much room to maneuver until I moved them out and right now I have no place to put them. If the garage wasn't so cold I would set it up out there but, no way. Well, I have to shower and take Chloe to the groomer and then it's off to the gym. Have a wonderful day everyone.