Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday morning dreary.......

Well, after 3 beautiful days of warm sunshine I guess it's time to "pay the piper" so to speak. It rained last night, in fact we even had some thunder and lightening. That is very unusual here. It is supposed to be rainy off and on most of the week. I am so ready for the rains to end but I know we really need it. After all that is how all those trees stay alive and thrive.

I need to get to the gym today. I have slacked off a bit in the last few weeks. Oh, I have still been going but I haven't really been applying myself all the time. So, I am determined to get back on my program of 5 days a week and working up to a sweat each of those days. My body is starting to get saggy and the skin is getting loose. So sad, but at my age I can't prevent it. I have loose skin even on my forearms. I am dreading having to wear short sleeves once the weather gets warmer. I wish I could just have all my skin pulled up and tightened. But, even with my skin being a little loose, it beats all the fat that was there before. I am still very proud of myself for all the hard work I have put into working out.

Tomorrow night I am going to a meeting at my church for a quilters group who make quilts for people who are sick. It's a prayer quilt group and the name is "Squares of Hope" I am eager to be a part of something so wonderful. I know a couple of people who went through cancer the last couple of years and they received one of these quilts. They said the quilt meant so much to them knowing it had been prayed over by the women who came together to make it that their healing was escalated and they recovered that much faster. Isn't that inspiring?

I made a pot of cauliflower cheese soup yesterday that was so yummy. I pack it into small containers and freeze them. Then I can just pop them into a bowl and microwave it when I am ready to eat it. I can't wait til lunch today to have my first bowl. Well I hear my hubby moving around so I have to get going and get to the gym. Have a good day everyone!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Project........

Here is my first project. It's a table runner. I still have to put the batting in and the backing but the top is done. I am so proud of my little quilt so far. I am wishing I had picked different colors. My friend Lori helped me pick them out and I like them only they really won't look good in my dining room. Maybe I can gift them to someone.
This is my sewing center that I bought. It's a Bernina machine and the table is custom made and also has a place for your serger (if you have one). The white table with my table runner on it is the cutting table. It opens to 80 inches. Both sides lift up and it also has drawers on the ends and the whole bottom has a shelf where items can be stored.

The next picture is an additional cabinet for storage of fabric or books or whatever I want to store in it. Isn't it nice looking? The lady who sold them to me also threw in a pair of left handed scissors, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, a whole drawer of thread, about 15 bobbins, rulers and templates for cutting and other assorted goodies including Bernina manuals. I think the price was right at $1200. What do you think?

We did lots of work in our yard yesterday. Bob got two truckloads of bark mulch and we put it around all of our trees and bushes. We also put it in our garden areas. It gives such a finished look to your plants and it helps to keep the moisture in. I also put it around the tops of our container garden on our front deck.

Last night for dinner I made Pork Carnitas and also Pinto Beans. I was only able to eat one of course but it was very good. We had two really pretty days and the temperature got up to 80 here in our town. Today a little rain is in the forecast and over the next few days showers too.

The day bed next to this cabinet needs a bedspread. I hope to make a quilt for it soon. I haven't quite decided what pattern to make but my class in beginning quilting should help me to feel more confident in making it.