Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'll Follow the Sun......

Well, it looks like we are going to be doing a little traveling. Our neighbors and us will be heading south into California. We are going to chase the sun for a few weeks. It makes the winters more bearable here. Having lived in California most of my life I must say I really miss the sun in the winters here. So we are going to leave in a week or so and while we are down there we'll see family and maybe a few friends. I am looking forward to it.
I also got a call this morning while I was in a yoga class. I ignored it so nobody would know the idiot who left their phone on was me. : ) When the class was over I retrieved my voice mail and it was my grandson. I called him back and he told me his girlfriend is pregnant. They are very young, he is 18 and she is 16. They are very excited so I didn't want to be a mood killer so I was as positive as I could be for them. He does have a job at a market but no driver's license or car. Oh boy. Guess I am going to be a great grandmother now.
Well, the sun is just peaking out of the fog so I am going to see what I can do while it's shining.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Do List....

I want to remember to do certain things every day. Sometimes I use a to do list. I find if I make out a to do list, it gives me the incentive to get some of those things on it done. Ordinarily I would forget to do any of those things and focus on the day to day things like laundry, vacuuming and dusting, etc. I would like to make a To Do list of things I want my hubby to do. It would be as long as my arm. LOL Someday he will get inspired to do some of the things he hasn't finished, or start some of the things he has bought tools or parts for. I don't want to nag him but sometimes it gets frustrating to see unfinished things in the house. For instance, 2 years ago he decided to remodel our master bathroom. He and a friend who is a retired contractor tore the bathroom apart in one day. Then they redrywalled it and textured the walls and that was it. It stayed that way for almost a year. Meanwhile we had a toilet, shower enclosure, shower door, sink, cabinets, etc. in the garage. Now is has been 27 months and we have the room painted, the floor tiled and the sink, toilet and tub enclosure in. The shower doors haven't been installed yet, the towel racks are on the floor still the tp holder is also on the floor. The toilet has been shut off because he said it started leaking and he wants to replace the wax ring underneath it. What can I do to motivate this I man??? He spends the day sitting in his recliner watching television. I can't seem to get anything done myself because he is here all the time!! I can't get him to come to the gym with me. He says he is going to use our treadmill in the garage but it's freezing cold in there right now. Instead of finishing some of the things that are piling up to do, he buys new things to add to the list of things he wants to do. I love him to pieces but I worry about his inactivity. He has started eating a little better and isn't drinking the sodas he used to drink before he found out he was diabetic, but he needs to exercise. That will make him feel better and also make him want to do more. But I can't force him to exercise. So I just grit my teeth and don't make waves and just do my thing and try to be encouraging. Grrrr!

God love him. I am certainly not perfect either but I would love to have our house finished at least. I have said enough and don't want to make it sound like I am married to a flake because he is a great guy and I love him. Now I am going to make out my own To do list for today........

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shoot the Scale

This is the way most of us feel this time of year. Some of us are actively watching what they eat and making sure they are doing some sort of physical activity. Then others are already "off the wagon" so to speak. Taking the necessary steps to lose weight are not easy but the smallest change in your daily way of life can point you in the right direction. If you start out by cutting out sugar or white flour, or if you make an effort to to get in something physical you are on the right path. Professionals say the most important thing is to get moving. Get off that couch and start doing something to elevate your heart level. If you park your car further away from the office or the mall and force yourself to walk further is even a benefit. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another way. If, however you are terribly out of shape and get winded by the simplest exertion, you have to start very slowly. Having been in this position for the majority of my adult life I have to say this is true. The physical part of fitness is extremely important. I can't tell you how much better I feel after I finish a workout and I actually look forward to my workout each day. I never thought I would be saying this but it is true. In the past I would join an aerobics class and kill myself trying to keep up with the group. All I would achieve was sore muscles and back and a feeling of failure because I would quit after a few classes. It took a while but I finally learned that taking it slowly was the way to go. Starting slowly by walking at a slow pace and a short distance is all you need to do as a start. Your body will respond and you'll begin to feel stronger and be able to increase your distance and your speed. After you get into the habit of doing something physical daily you too may find that it makes you feel better. Your breathing improves and your stamina is better. I'm writing this today in the hopes that my husband and a couple of my family members will take these small steps to improving their health. I am not an expert by usual standards but in my own way I am a bit of an expert. I've been there. I know the feeling of having my legs feel like lead weights are tied to them when I tried to walk. I know what it feels like to gasp for air after the slightest bit of exertion. I also know how it feels to begin to see an improvement in my strength and stamina. This is something we all know, but maybe it isn't. Not everyone knows this stuff and maybe someone reading it will take the steps to start getting fit and living a better life.