Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday morning

I've been doing really well since the 5 day pouch test. It has gotten me back on track. I have lost 8 pounds and feel good. After being gone for a month on vacation and no exercise it felt so good to get back to the gym. It took me a few days to gain back the strength and stamina I had before though.
Yesterday, I went to Costco and bought meat for when my brother comes next week. I got tri-tip roasts, baby back ribs, pork chops, filet mignon and we have lots of fish in the freezer already. We smoked some of the Kokanee that we caught at the lake. I really like it smoked. My pastor's wife told me they eat it on Wheat Thins with a smear of cream cheese and then a piece of the fish. I tried it and loved it. I haven't eaten it this way since the pouch test. Tuesday is my next barium swallow. I am hoping things look better this time but if not I will ask the doctor to leave the band in rather than remove it and have nothing. I don't know that my insurance company would pay for another band or another weight loss surgery.

We are having our house resided next week also. They will replace several of the windows while they are siding it. The windows we have now are quite old and the new ones will be dual paned. We replaced three in the front of the house and they've made a big difference but the bedrooms all have the old style with built in storm windows over them. They are quite heavy and difficult to clean.

Today is the last day of our county fair and we are going with some friends. There is also a Skandinavian Festival north of here and we thought about going there too. But I think we will go to our fair since it's closer and our dog needs to be let out to go potty every two to three hours. She has had 2 bladder surgeries and is getting older and just can't hold her urine.

It's very quiet this morning. Hardly any cars going down the street. It's overcast outside and the sun should burn through in a couple of hours. I think I will have another cup of coffee now. Have a good weekend everyone.