Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catching up...........

We cut our trip a little short only because we missed being at home. Can you imagine? We visited siblings and had great fun with them. Then stopped in Las Vegas on our way back home to meet with some friends from home who were there for the week. We shared dinner and the evening with them. Bob wasn't happy in Las Vegas. It has gotten so overgrown in recent years that the traffic is horrendous and almost every corner has a traffic signal which takes approximately 5 minutes to change. So, you need to plan ahead to get through town or you'll be late for whatever you have planned.

I think he was tired and maybe not feeling too well. I wasn't happy about heading for home but I went along with it for his sake. All in all we did have a good time. Getting home of course is the worst. It means unloading everything from the RV and fortunately the weather here has been wonderful since we've been home. Like spring weather. We've had no rain and sunshine every day. It took me two days to do all the laundry even though I did laundry on the trip. But I washed everything including a couple of quilts we took and rugs.

Now to get back to finishing unfinished quilting projects. I took some with me in the RV but never once touched them on our trip. We didn't have much idle time so it didn't happen. I am ready to sew the blocks together for a rail fence quilt top to be donated to the "Squares of Hope" at church. It will be tied and prayed over and then given to someone who is ill or grieving. It will be my first quilt to be donated to that group. Our group meets on Thursday night so I hope to be able to take it with me this week.

Also, I am back to my gym workouts and that feels good. Tomorrow, I have my appointment with my surgeon to see if my dilated esophagus has healed. They will do another barium swallow (or whatever they use nowadays) to determine this. Hopefully, things are healed so I can get a small fill.

Have a wonderful week everyone.