Friday, May 22, 2009

Just another day...........

I haven't been on here very much in the last week. I am administering medicine to the cat now and I've also been trying to work in the garden and helping hubby with stuff. I helped him scrub our front deck yesterday. I've also been weeding the garden and fertilizing the plants. He is putting in a large mound out in the front yard and we plan to transplant a couple of our Japanese Maple trees from whiskey barrels to the ground. They have gotten too big for the barrels and are getting root bound. We want to get them into the ground before they begin to suffer. Chloe seems to be doing much better now and Molly is beginning to respond from the antibiotics and thyroid meds. I hope I can catch up on reading blogs in the next couple of days. Once you get behind it becomes a real challenge to catch up.

I never did get my pictures from the doctors office. Sigh! So I had hubby take my picture last weekend. He ended up making a video while trying to take a snapshot. LOL He hasn't used my camera before and he pushed the wrong button. I'll have him take my picture more often now. I wanted him to take it monthly but we always forgot to take it. I will try and group them together and post them to my Picasa account if anyone is interested in seeing them.

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day Weekend.