Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 4

Today is day 4 of the 5 day pouch test. I've done really well so far. Yesterday I got in the car to go to the gym and once I got off our street onto the main road here in town I noticed all the interior lights were on in the car. When we were at the Jamboree this past weekend the passenger window quit working in an open position. My hubby decided he would fix it instead of paying someone else to do it. He had taken the panel off the door and was planning on fixing it when I got back from my workout. Well, I continued to the gym, thinking that maybe after I turned off the engine the lights would time out. Not so, I was afraid that when I came out 2 hours later my battery would be dead. So I turned the car around and came home. My hubby went to the garage for a little while and then decided it was over his head. He went to the auto repair he has used before and they did it for $50 plus the part they needed. I am so happy to have my car in one piece again.

Today I get to eat ground meat. I am drooling in anticipation for an angus burger from Costco. They are fully cooked and you just microwave them or you can also grill them if you like. They are so good..............yum.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching up with my life again.......

Back from my vacation. It is always nice to get home. I decided to try the 5 day pouch test. I've never done it before and I felt so bloated after our trip. I did gain a few pounds, 4 to be exact so I decided to try this since it's supposed to get you back to where you were after first being banded. I'm on day 2 and went back to my gym for my workout today. It felt so good to workout and sweat. I came home and gave my Chloe a bath. Now I am getting ready to go out and pull some weeds. I am trying to keep busy so I don't get tempted to eat something. The first two days are liquids only and I keep seeing recipes or pictures of food in magazines and online.
I spent yesterday doing laundry and emptying the food and other things out of the RV. I still have to clean it but I won't be doing that today. While we were gone the passenger window on our tow vehicle (my car) came off the track or something. My hubby is in town now trying to get it fixed. There are so many things to catch up on when you've been away. I had the mail stopped for 30 days and it took a while to sort through it. I have a whole stack of magazines to read now.
I also need to finish a couple of quilts that are almost complete. Better get out to that garden now.......have a good day everyone!