Thursday, March 4, 2010

Does she or doesn't she?

I have been pondering something for the last month or so. It's my hair color. I colored my hair for years up until about 3 years ago. I decided I wanted to stop coloring it to see how it looked. So my hairdresser did a weave in blond and caramel with a brown base and gradually let it grow out. When it was grown out I kind of liked it, only I never really got used to it. I would get lots of compliments on it, but there were always the people who didn't recognize me because of the hair color change. I never could understand that, since people change hair color all the time and I still know who they are. Anyway, recently I have begun to feel more and more like I am looking older and the gray/white hair isn't helping matters. Part of it is the excess skin my weight loss is causing. Another is I feel washed out when I see myself in pictures. When I work out at the gym and see my reflection in the mirror I see my mother. Yikes!! I am not that old! Well, anyway I have mentioned it to a couple of my friends and they both said if it would make me feel better I should color it again. Herein lies my dilemma, if I start to color it I am back to my every three week merry-go-round of touching up the roots. Ahhh alas, I think I am leaning closer to it if only to see if it makes the image of my Mother not show up in my mirror. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Mom and she was a terrific lady, but I am not that old (yet). Well, there you have it, that is my confession of what I've been dwelling on lately.

I have been doing pretty well since my last fill, until a few nights ago. I woke up coughing and several times got a mouthful of liquid. I also had congestion in my lungs and after a few nights of not sleeping well I made sure that I didn't eat anything after 6pm and last night I did alright and wasn't coughing. So I guess I'll have to make sure I don't eat past dinnertime. I had some tea tonight after dinner and I am hoping it won't be a problem for me. I didn't drink anything all day and I needed some fluids so that is why I had the tea.