Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, I haven't been around here much lately other than to occasionally read other's blogs. I have been doing some quilting, I made a baby quilt for a friend and I am in the process of making one for our church group "Squares of Hope" to be donated to someone who needs comfort from illness or loss of a loved one.

I haven't lost a good deal of weight. In fact I was not really giving Weight Watchers my all. It wasn't until a friend said to me the other day " You aren't following the program or you would be losing weight. Are you drinking all the water you should be? " That was the best thing she could have said to me. Because she was right, I was only fooling myself. I kept saying I am following the program and not losing weight but I really wasn't being quite honest about what I was doing. I would be good for one or two meals a day but the dinner meal or between lunch and dinner I was eating more than I should have so I was basically maintaining my weight. When she said that to me I looked inside and had to be honest with myself. I wasn't doing the right thing. I was only hurting and fooling myself. From that moment on I have faithfully written down every morsel of food I've eaten and I've been drinking the water that I should be. The good thing is I was already doing the exercise I should have been. I expect to be showing some pounds drop now.

Have any of you heard of Pinterest? It's a new site where you have numerous boards and you pin different things that you like in different catagories that you choose. You follow other people and they can follow you if they want and you see new items to pin yourself all day long. Some of the things people are pinning are recipes, household hints, clothing, homes, decorating ideas, inspirational things. It's lots of fun and quite addicting I think. Go to and check it out if you want.

Today was a lazy day for me. I slept in this morning until about 8:30 (I am usually up much earlier) and I didn't get showered and dressed until around one in the afternoon. I am usually out to the gym early Monday thru Friday and Sunday it's early to church. So Saturday is the only day I can just take my time in getting anything done. It sure felt good today. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finished Two Quilts

I finally finished my husband's fishing quilt and also a small rag quilt I made for my great grandson. He is two and so I put some animal prints on it to help him learn words. I wasn't sure I liked it until it was finished and now I am happy with it. I haven't taken a picture of it yet so I can't post it but I will. Bob loves his quilt and it's very warm and soft. I used fleece on the back of it and also used Warm and White batting in it. It was a bit heavier to finish it but it really doesn't feel exceptionally heavy but feels wonderful. Right now Chloe (our Bichon) is sleeping on it. Bob laid it on the floor for her to lay on. She isn't feeling well. She started acting not like herself around 5 last evening. She didn't eat her dinner, just laid around all night. She woke me around 2:30 to go outside and when we came back in she headed to the living room and the quilt. I gave her a dose of the anti inflammatory her vet prescribed and I am hoping she will start to feel better. It's been pretty cold and damp here the last week and that kind of bothers her arthritis.

I am planning to go to our Christmas Fair at our Fairgrounds today. It's the largest one in Southern Oregon and usually there are plenty of things I find interesting. I just hope I can find some gifts there for Christmas and not just things I want for me.

Last night we watched the Oregon Ducks play against UCLA and I am starting to really get into football. I hate to admit that since there are already football games on in our house whenever one is televised. I usually just watch the Super Bowl but I do enjoy watching the Ducks play. I was in the process of fixing dinner (pork chops) when the game started. I had forgotten the game was last night. I mentioned that if I had remembered the game we could have just had pizza so we wouldn't have to miss anything. That's all I needed to say. The Ducks were ahead in the second quarter and Bob left to go pick up a pizza at Domino's. We live farther away than they will deliver to us so we have to go pick it up. Not really great diet food but all I had was two pieces and they were small because it was a medium pizza. Sounds like I am trying to justify here doesn't it? I didn't lose any weight this week but I am still going to the gym 5 days and week and this week I had some really great workouts.

Well, I am up way too early so I am heading back to bed now for a few more hours of sleep before I go to the craft fair. Have a good day all..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rainy days

I haven't been posting much lately. I think it's a combination of things that are causing me not to be on blogger much. Most of it is that since I had my band removed I don't feel the same connection to the other banded folks out there. Also, I am trying to keep in control of my eating. I joined Weight Watchers the other day and I love the new program. I try to read the blogs I follow even if I don't post myself. And I try to comment on blogs I read so people know that what they are writing is being read and appreciated by someone.

I am trying to catch up with my quilting projects and it's going slowly. Also I am planning my Thanksgiving meal. We are having several friends over for dinner and I love entertaining. I feel like the hours in the day are just going by so fast I can't get things done. Maybe I need to organize my time better.

Yesterday my hubby and I went to Costco to pick up a few things and as we left it was snowing pretty hard outside. When we got out in it we found that the snow was very large and wet. I was soaked by the time we got in the truck. It was short lived but fun while it lasted. We don't usually get much snow here where we live. Maybe once or twice a year and it's usually gone by the end of the day since the snow turns to rain and it washes away. But I always enjoy looking out at it.

Well, I guess I need to get myself together and start my day. Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another New Beginning

Well, I had my surgery on Monday. I meant to make an entry sooner but I've been catching up on sleep all week. I am feeling great today. I hope to get back to the gym starting Monday and maybe do some time on the treadmill or the eliptical. I am surprised to say that I am not starving all the time. I guess since being banded for 3 1/2 years my stomach has shrunk quite a bit. I am eating the same amount of food as I did while banded and hopefully I can keep it up so my stomach doesn't stretch out. I must say, I have had no heartburn or reflux since surgery. I stopped taking my acid reducer pills the first day. I like the fact that what I do eat goes down to my stomach and doesn't come back and hour or two later. I didn't think I would be happy about not being banded but I am.

I don't know if I will have any other weight loss surgery. I will have to wait six months to a year for my esophagus to completely heal anyway. I am hoping to keep on top of the weight I've already lost and if I do opt for another surgery I may go for the vertical sleeve.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My appt with the surgeon

Well, my hubby and I went up to see the surgeon yesterday and I had my list of questions for him in my hand. I was a little surprised that he didn't have us come into his office for the meeting. We were just in the examination room. I was so glad my hubby came because he had his own questions that went along with the ones I had asked. The doctor said the reason he needs to remove my band is because my esophagus isn't working the way it should. It isn't moving the food down through the band. Also, the band is smaller than the bands currently being used and since it is smaller it is like there is restriction even when unfilled. He said the newer bands when unfilled are like no band at all. It sounded to us (hubby and me) like the band has damaged me and should not have been used to begin with since there was a choice then for a larger band.

I explained that I felt as though the last 2 1/2 years of what I've gone through was a waste since I haven't lost weight and just bounced up and down a few pounds here and there. He indicated he totally understood how I feel. He is also a lapband patient and knows how I feel about having to lose my band. It's like a part of me is going away. Like the friend inside me that kept me from being hungry all the time and helped me lose almost 100 pounds won't be there anymore.

As for replacing it with another band or the vertical sleeve, he said it would take time to heal before he would consider another surgery. He feels the larger band would be the better choice and if we go with another surgery he could see how things look at that time and try to go with the vertical sleeve but if there is too much scar tissue he would just go with the larger band.

My husband asked him how he likes his band. He turned to me and said, "how do you like yours?" I said, "I love my band" and he indicated he feels the same way. So now I have to wait for the call to go for my pre-op and soon I won't have my lovely little friend anymore. I am saddened by this but I am trying to keep a positive outlook. I am thinking of going to a Weight Watchers meeting and getting the info on the newest Points program.. I am a lifetime member so I don't have to pay registration fees. Right now I can't eat much fruit because of the band. In fact I ate one grape a couple of days ago after dinner and the next morning a piece of it came back up. It never went through the band. So I am looking forward to being able to eat pineapple again and watermelon and other fiberous fruits and veggies.

I was so grateful my husband came with me. He was my rock and his being there kept me from turning into a crying mess.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Weekend......

Wow! Our temperature was up in the 90s yesterday. We aren't used to such heat here. Especially since we just spent a week at the coast and it is so cool there. It was also my birthday and hubby and I tried a new restaurant in town called Blackbird Bar and Grill. I wanted to go somewhere I don't always eat. The atmosphere was great, quiet with jazzy piano music playing. The front of the place has a full length bar and small tables across from it. There is a little bay window in front also with a built in cushiony bench and small table. My hubby wanted to sit there. It was really cozy. The actual dining roon was in the rear but it was still pretty neat where we sat. We had Bruschetta as an appetizer. Wow! It was yummy. It had artichoke hearts on it and my picky husband ate it and loved it. Boy, was I surprised. I ordered Jambalaya for my main course. I love it and haven't eaten it in years. It was fabulous. Better than any I've eaten before. I couldn't eat it all so I have a carton in the fridge for today.......yeah!! Then for dessert, since it was my birthday, I chose chocolate creme brulee. I am telling you it was so rich and smooth. YUM!! What a delightful dinner. When they found out it was my birthday, they gave me the dessert at no charge. We were really surprised when the bill came and it was only $53. I had a couple of glasses of wine and my hubster had 2 beers too. We thought it was pretty reasonable. We will definitely be going back there.

My appt with the surgeon regarding the removal of my lapband is this week on Thursday. I am compiling a list of questions I want to ask about the whole situation. I am really glad that my husband is coming with me so he can be my moral support and backup if I choke and don't ask any questions. I don't know what will happen I just am hoping that whatever the outcome is, I am ok with it. I have to call my insurance company tomorrow and inquire about their coverage for conversion if the band fails. We shall see.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Not very promising news..

Well, I saw the doctor on Tuesday for my latest fluoroscope test. This time he had me meet him in his office first and he attempted to show me the films from the last tests. I had only previously seen them from an angle as I was being filmed. He wasn't able to get them to play on his computer. So we headed down to the hospital for the test again. When I got in position he turned the television so I could clearly watch. When I drank the liquid I saw it flow down my esophagus and then it stopped at the band. He said, " it's still doing the same thing" You could see it barely trickling through the band and move on toward the stomach. I asked him if this is what it had been doing the past times. He said it had. Now, I am no medical person in any stretch of the imagination but, if the band is not filled, the liquid should go right on through. Unless there is some sort of obstruction. So what is going on? Then he said, "I am going to have to remove the band" I asked if there was any alternative measure and he said no. He said he would have his girls in the office contact me and set up an appointment for the surgery to remove it. I was stunned. I was on the verge of tears and couldn't talk without starting to cry so I just agreed and went home. Of course as soon as I got home and tried to tell my husband I started bawling like a baby. This band has been a part of my body for the last 3 1/2 years and my dream of losing weight was quickly coming to an end. My husband being much more calm and analytical said, "wait a minute, why is there no other options for you? Why can't he replace it with the larger band or something else?" My thoughts too but I was so upset I couldn't talk to the doctor. Also, I don't even know if my insurance would cover another surgery. But it should be looked into. So I calmed down and my husband said to tell them when they call that we want to talk to the doctor and we need some answers or we need a second opinion. Well, it just so happened that when they called to schedule the appointment for surgery, I wasn't home. My husband talked to the girl from the office and explained our feelings to her. She said she would talk to the doctor and call us back. So now I have an appointment with my husband going too, to speak with the doctor about what my options are and to find out what cause this to happen and whatever other questions we come up with. It's been difficult to keep this off my mind. My brother and sister-in-law got here the same day as my test so that is helping me a bit. And we have workers here replacing windows in our house and residing it so that is also a distraction. I am hoping this has a good outcome for me and not more dissapointment.