Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Almost done.......

I finished quilting the table topper the other night. I am now working on the strips for the binding to go around the edges. This is the part I don't think I will like very much. I went to the gym this morning for my two classes. Yesterday I woke up feeling exhausted. I showered and got dressed to go to the gym and felt so wiped out that I decided not to go. I had invited some friends for dinner and didn't want to cancel so I just rested in the morning and our two husbands went fishing so I vacuumed the house and went to the store for a few items I needed for dinner. The dinner turned out really good (Stuffed Shells, Antipasto Salad, and Cheesy Garlic Bread) and we even played some cards after dinner. It's so fun to get together with friends.

I have to get busy now and finish my laundry and then I have to go to the store for a couple of things for tonight's dinner. Taco Salad. Yum! It's so nice to be able to eat whatever I want even with the LapBand. I just can't eat the quantity I used to. And there are a few things I have trouble eating such as really fibrous foods like fresh pineapple or some pastas like angel hair. But most of my favorites I can still eat.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I put my quilt top and the batting and the backing together yesterday and last night I began quilting it. I was a little apprehensive at first since I didn't want to mess it up and then have to tear out all the stitches, but once I got started I realized it is fun. Lots of fun. I am just doing a stitch that meanders back and forth and although it's not perfect (after all it is my first one) it looks pretty darned good. Once I finish it, I will post another picture of it. That is after I sew on the binding and it's done. I hope to finish the quilting portion this afternoon when I get home from church. I can see how people get the quilting bug. I find myself looking at fabric in fabric stores or quilt shops now and before they never really interested me. I am anxious to tell my friends at church that I started it. My friend Lori will be so happy for me. She has helped me when I bought my machine and also to pick out the fabric on this table topper. I hope you can see the quilting portion of the topper. I have only quilted around the floral outer edge so far.
Our weather has been crazy the last week. We went from having beautiful sunny spring days to cold, dark and pouring down rain. It felt like winter all over again. Native Oregonians say this is part of a ten year cycle. At least the native that I talked with last night. He said this weather would continue through June. Well, not much I can do about it. It sure is different than I have been used to for most of my life. Living in Southern California for the majority of my life I am used to sunshine most of the time and when it rains it only rains for maybe a day or two or a week at the most and then the sun is out again. But you can't beat the summers here. I temperatures are so much nicer. Usually in the mid 80s and SoCal of course is in the 90s and 100s a good part of the summer. We planted a new azalea bush with bright orange flowers. I am hoping it takes and the deer leave it alone. We were driving down our driveway the other day and 7 deer were crossing our yard two of them were obviously heavy with babies. Their bellies were just bulging. I love when the fawns are born each spring. The doe keeps them hidden for the first several weeks and then she will move them to a new location and that is when we usually see them for the first time. Lots of the time the doe will have twins and they are so darned cute to watch. She will be eating grass (or one of my plants) and they romp around and chase each other. It's adorable. One of my favorite things for sure.
Well, I need to get in the shower and get ready for church. Have a Blessed Day everyone!