Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope we can all remember the reason for this holiday as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. I wish for you all many blessings this year and next and I hope you make many happy memories and are together with family and friends. I look forward to continuing to read your blogs and sharing with you all next year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two days til Christmas

Well, I went to my doctor yesterday for another fill. However, he didn't want to give me another fill at this time. When he found out I was back on the Prilosec since the last fill he said he would rather not. He said he didn't want to risk my getting sick again like the last time. I did lose 6 pounds in the 6 weeks since the last fill. I was pleased with that since I had gained 8 after my unfill. I am almost back to where I was in June. It's like I lost 6 months of my weight loss. Anyway, I am not overfilled at this point and can eat without getting stuck every time. The doctor also said to come back in two or three weeks and he would see how I was doing and reconsider. So I made the appointment for one month out. I am ready for Christmas now. My baking is done. I am , however going to make a dessert for Christmas Day. We are going to our friends house who just moved here to Oregon, for dinner. They also invited some other people from church who didn't have any plans for dinner. I thought that was very nice of them. We have decided to go up to the Portland area on Saturday to visit my grandsons and great grandson. I will bring all the goodies I baked for them and personally deliver them. I was going to deliver them last week but I got this cold and my baking also was put on hold. I don't think they'll mind getting the cookies and stuff the day after Christmas. Well, I need to start my day now so I can deliver the homemade baskets I made to some friends. I made Blackberry Jam, Santa Maria Style Seasoning, Chai Tea mix and two kinds of biscotti. Almond-Anise and Gingerbread. Then its off to the gym. I only made in there twice last week because of my cold. Did I mention I went to urgent care on Sunday morning? I already had what felt like a sinus infection and then the cold was moving into my chest. The last two years I've had a cold that did that and lingered for weeks until it finally went away. I got what is called a Zpack. You take two pills the first day and then one a day for the next 4 days. I have 2 pills left and my cold is almost non existent. I love Zpacks. I can't believe I suffered the last two colds I got. Have a good day everyone and if you are in the areas getting loads of snow, please be careful.