Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, Autumn is here in Oregon. We are expected to get some rain this weekend. Then it should be partly cloudy and in the 70s next week. Little by little the weather is changing. The days are growing shorter and it is staying dark later each morning.
I finally heard from the Gastroenterologist and my appointment for the scope test is next Wednesday. Wish me luck. I am hoping they find very little or at least something they can treat. I am so anxious to get another fill. I find it very hard to be unfilled and able to eat almost everything. I am still restricted a bit. In fact, yesterday I ate a chicken breast for lunch and didn't chew well enough or take small bites. You see, that is one of the pitfalls of no fill. I can eat fast and take larger bites again. And this leads me to eat too much. Well, getting back to my chicken lunch, it got stuck and was painful. I hadn't felt that feeling in a few months. I dealt with it for the whole afternoon until I finally was able to bring up a large piece that was causing the problem. I am sorry to be so graphic. I am ready to be filled and restricted again so that I can finished this journey I began a year ago March. I just finished watching FastForward. It's a new show on ABC on Thursday nights. I recorded it last night and I like the show. Have any of you watched it? It could be another Lost. I have been hooked on that show since it first started. Well, I think I'll turn in now. Good night!