Friday, September 9, 2011

My appt with the surgeon

Well, my hubby and I went up to see the surgeon yesterday and I had my list of questions for him in my hand. I was a little surprised that he didn't have us come into his office for the meeting. We were just in the examination room. I was so glad my hubby came because he had his own questions that went along with the ones I had asked. The doctor said the reason he needs to remove my band is because my esophagus isn't working the way it should. It isn't moving the food down through the band. Also, the band is smaller than the bands currently being used and since it is smaller it is like there is restriction even when unfilled. He said the newer bands when unfilled are like no band at all. It sounded to us (hubby and me) like the band has damaged me and should not have been used to begin with since there was a choice then for a larger band.

I explained that I felt as though the last 2 1/2 years of what I've gone through was a waste since I haven't lost weight and just bounced up and down a few pounds here and there. He indicated he totally understood how I feel. He is also a lapband patient and knows how I feel about having to lose my band. It's like a part of me is going away. Like the friend inside me that kept me from being hungry all the time and helped me lose almost 100 pounds won't be there anymore.

As for replacing it with another band or the vertical sleeve, he said it would take time to heal before he would consider another surgery. He feels the larger band would be the better choice and if we go with another surgery he could see how things look at that time and try to go with the vertical sleeve but if there is too much scar tissue he would just go with the larger band.

My husband asked him how he likes his band. He turned to me and said, "how do you like yours?" I said, "I love my band" and he indicated he feels the same way. So now I have to wait for the call to go for my pre-op and soon I won't have my lovely little friend anymore. I am saddened by this but I am trying to keep a positive outlook. I am thinking of going to a Weight Watchers meeting and getting the info on the newest Points program.. I am a lifetime member so I don't have to pay registration fees. Right now I can't eat much fruit because of the band. In fact I ate one grape a couple of days ago after dinner and the next morning a piece of it came back up. It never went through the band. So I am looking forward to being able to eat pineapple again and watermelon and other fiberous fruits and veggies.

I was so grateful my husband came with me. He was my rock and his being there kept me from turning into a crying mess.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Weekend......

Wow! Our temperature was up in the 90s yesterday. We aren't used to such heat here. Especially since we just spent a week at the coast and it is so cool there. It was also my birthday and hubby and I tried a new restaurant in town called Blackbird Bar and Grill. I wanted to go somewhere I don't always eat. The atmosphere was great, quiet with jazzy piano music playing. The front of the place has a full length bar and small tables across from it. There is a little bay window in front also with a built in cushiony bench and small table. My hubby wanted to sit there. It was really cozy. The actual dining roon was in the rear but it was still pretty neat where we sat. We had Bruschetta as an appetizer. Wow! It was yummy. It had artichoke hearts on it and my picky husband ate it and loved it. Boy, was I surprised. I ordered Jambalaya for my main course. I love it and haven't eaten it in years. It was fabulous. Better than any I've eaten before. I couldn't eat it all so I have a carton in the fridge for today.......yeah!! Then for dessert, since it was my birthday, I chose chocolate creme brulee. I am telling you it was so rich and smooth. YUM!! What a delightful dinner. When they found out it was my birthday, they gave me the dessert at no charge. We were really surprised when the bill came and it was only $53. I had a couple of glasses of wine and my hubster had 2 beers too. We thought it was pretty reasonable. We will definitely be going back there.

My appt with the surgeon regarding the removal of my lapband is this week on Thursday. I am compiling a list of questions I want to ask about the whole situation. I am really glad that my husband is coming with me so he can be my moral support and backup if I choke and don't ask any questions. I don't know what will happen I just am hoping that whatever the outcome is, I am ok with it. I have to call my insurance company tomorrow and inquire about their coverage for conversion if the band fails. We shall see.