Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday rain

Well, our heat wave is over. We had a nice thunder storm last night and it's still going on today. The thunder storms here in Oregon are gentle like the rain usually is. I was in Texas several years ago and there was a violent thunder storm. I was terrified. The storms here are occasional lightning and thunder and gentle rain. Anyway, yesterday a group from church was traveling to Grants Pass after church to have lunch at a restaurant. We almost didn't go because we have a dog and nobody to let her out to go potty. I called our wonderful neighbor and she said she would be happy to let our baby out every couple of hours. We went in a large van the church owns with 6 other couples. We knew only two couples in the van at the start of the trip. When we got home we knew them all. It was a fun, relaxing, laughter filled day. The food was marvelous at the restaurant we went to. In fact here is the link for it. I had the fish and chips made with large chunks of halibut and home fried potatoes. I was only able to eat one piece of fish and two of the potato chips. I ate more of it for dinner. Very tasty indeed.