Thursday, February 25, 2010


I think I must be one of the last people who went to see Avatar. I was told to see it in 3D if possible so I went yesterday. My neighbor went with me and we absolutely loved it. It was a delight for the eyes. Such beautiful scenery and colors and unusual creatures and insects. We both just kept thinking "how did they do that??" I think it will become a classic for sure. My hubby isn't in to sci-fi or fantasy type movies so he didn't want to see it. But after hearing us go on and on about it I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to see it now.

We just had a week of incredible weather. It was sunny and fairly warm (65) almost every day. Now the rain is back but it sure looks like the spring will be early this year. The trees are all in bloom and buds are forming. The daffodils are blooming all over town. They grow wild here. Along the freeway you'll see clumps of them and on hillsides too. The deer don't eat the daffodils or they wouldn't be so prolific.

So far I am doing well with my new fill of the LapBand. I am trying to eat more veggies and fruit. I have a problem with very fibrous fruits and veggies though. I have to cut them into really small pieces and hopefully chewing well will prevent problems. I want to try and eat 3 to 5 a day. I always used to do well with this theory but since my surgery it's been harder. They want us to eat solid protein first and then carbs, including veggies and fruits and starchy carbs last. Of course they don't tell you that many of the starchy carbs go down easier than anything else. We call them slider foods. Crackers, chips, even candy usually go down pretty easy, so long as you are going slowly. Sometimes I have chicken salad or egg salad on whole wheat crackers because they are easier to swallow than bread is. It's a process and also a learning experience. Have a wonderful day everyone!!