Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer finally has arrived in Oregon.....

It's so nice to have sunshine and warm to hot days. We went to a local lake here called Diamond Lake last week. We stayed a week and went fishing and had lots of friends come by as well as being with several other couples while we were there. This picture was taken at a pizza parlor near the lake. We had a great time and caught lots of fish. Next week we are having a fish fry with lots of friends from our church. It should be loads of fun too.

I've been off here a while again. I can't seem to get myself organized this year. Anyway, I missed the last class of my quilt class. It was Thursday night and I volunteered to work in the church nursery this past week. One of the little babies had a runny nose. Her mom assured us it was allergies and not a cold. Well after being with her for 3 days I got myself a full blown cold. On Thursday I came home feeling terrible and aching all over. I went to bed and missed my class. Now I have 12 finished blocks and no guidance on how to complete the quilt. I am going to go to the quilt shop and plead with them to give me a little info on how to finish it. I'm sure they'll be accommodating to me. I hope.