Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First entry

I am going to journal my experience with weight loss after being banded next week. I hope to have many success stories to tell and hopefully not too many bumps in the road. I am spending much time on the computer today because we are having the house painted and I am in the computer room with the dog and 2 cats so they aren't under foot. It is cold in here and it's raining outside. I have an appointment on Thursday with my surgeon for the pre-op testing. I also with meet with the anesthesiologist. This is not the best time to be having this surgery I am afraid because we are in the process of doing lots of reconstruction on our house. It just worked out that way and wasn't planned. We still have to recarpet which is going to be a nightmare since we have a full house and need to move stuff around to get the carpet laid. Anyway, when all is said and done the house will look great. And, hopefully so will I.