Tuesday, October 14, 2008

6 month checkup today

Well, I went for my 6 month check up today and I have now lost 57 pounds. I am so happy. I actually lost about 5 pounds this past week while I was sick. I just couldn't eat I was so miserable. All my bloodwork was normal and my bp was 110/75 . The doctor agreed that I shouldn't have anymore fill put in the band today. I explained how full it has gotten over the last few weeks and he said that should slowly dissipate over the next month. He suggested I call in if I stop losing from 1 to 2 pounds a week and then get a small fill. It was good getting outside today after being inside so many days. It was beautiful today too. When I got home some dear friends brought over some homemade salsa and chips for us and a flat of fresh tomatoes they got at a local farm. Some of them were huge, like 6 inches in diameter. All different varieties. She made salsa with some of hers and froze the rest. I think I will freeze mine too. Maybe tomorrow. I am sure glad I feel better. I sliced one just now and it tastes fabulous. I love fresh produce. Well it looks like this system is going down in a few minutes for maintenance so I best hurry up.


Jody V said...


Congrats on your weight loss! You are doing amazing. I need to grab some motivation from you.

I also absolutely love homemade salsa. I will have to make some and freeze it too while the tomatoes are decent!


Judi said...

You go girl too!!! Wow...it's amazing what this LapBand can do for us! Your blog is so fun...captures your spirit so well!

Yum...tomatoes from the garden! We had a nice crop of tomatoes and basil this year so lots of caprice salads with buffalo mozarella and balsamic glaze. One of my all time favs (although I used to gobble it up with crusty Italian bread, I'm still able to enjoy it just as well!)

Congrats to you and treat yourself like the winner you are today!
Have a great day!
Thanks again for reading my blog and commenting! Love it!

Pat said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, and a great blood pressure reading!! I'm glad you're feeling better, because it's no fun to be sick. I think your cats and dog are adorable. I hope you're having a great day.
Pat from Virginia

Dutch said...

I tried to have Gastric Bypass but my hubby's insurance won't cover it. I was thinking of maybe seeing if insurance would cover the LapBand. Congrats on all your weight loss.

bookncoffee said...

That is great on the weight loss. Homemade Salsa sure does sound good. Every time I see Chloe's picture I smile with glee. I just know I would love Chloe. I'm a dog lover and fall in love with them fast. lol

Sharon said...

Wow...you're a lapbander? I have an online friend that just did this about 3 months ago. Awesome! Congrats on your loss. That's funny....it's not normal to congratulate someone on their loss.