Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rain is Here

I'm glad I took my walk early today. We were only home about 15 minutes when the rain started. It is dumping on us now. I just got back from Walmart and while I was in the store you could hear the rain pounding on the roof. As I went to leave there was a crowd of people standing by the door waiting for the rain to subside.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you got home without getting soaked. It stopped raining here and has just been gloomy and overcast all day. A good evening to stay in for sure.
'On Ya'-ma

Judi said...

Love your new overall look here at your blog! It's so inviting and warm spirited! So nice to come and visit!
So....did you get to the mall?
What a beautiful granddaughter! Straight A's.....oh my!!!
We had a duzy of a rainstorm on Friday blew open my french doors in the dining room (guess I didn't have them locked up properly!) I think our string of beautiful fall days are over! Now, we wait for the snow.....8-)
You're really a wonderful's like stopping by to have tea and chat with you personally when I come here. Soooo nice!

Judi said...

Wow! Thanks for the've come to my rescue! In fact, with your recipe...I won't even have to venture to the grocery store....which means I can cocoon a little longer and then spend some extra time lingering in some of my favorite little stores this afternoon! What could be better than that?
And, I'm sure that some of my blog readers will appreciate having your recipe too....! It's the perfect fall day...with a nip in the air and football on the make a big pot of Kathy's potato soup!!!
Can't wait to make it AND eat it!

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

I also copied down your potato soup. Thanks for posting it!! Judi is right about your blog. It is very inviting and with your personality it is a perfect match!! Hope the rain ends soon!


(Cassie) said...

I love listening to the rain on the roof.. Hope you get a good nights rest..when it rains, I sleep best.

Judi said...

The soup recipe was delish and ooooh so easy!!! I fried up a little turkey bacon to crumble in, sliced up some scallions and chives and threw in a little sharp cheddar....we thought we were at Houlihan's (we LOve their potato soup!!) Great way to end the weekend! Thanks sooo much!
Now...I need that recipe for your homemade chai tea that you mentioned on Jody's blog!!!
Happy Monday!