Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The weather here has been just beautiful the last couple of days. Of course the forecast is for rain towards the end of the week. This is typical for the month of April. Winter's last hold on the day. But it was warm and sunny and the grass and flowers are growing with abundance. I haven't been posing much lately since I make the mistake of reading the posts of the blogs I follow first. Then I feel so inferior by comparison that I think, "Oh, I guess I won't write anything today" I need to stop doing that but it's been a lifelong fault of mine to compare myself to everyone else.
I have an appointment this week (Thursday) for my one year checkup. It's been a year since my LapBand surgery. I am eager to get another band adjustment since I know I am eating way faster, and way more than I was before the doctor removed some of the fill last time I saw him. I have been able to lose a couple of pounds but if I wasn't exercising daily the way I am I know it would be a gain instead. I beat myself up for this every day and I need to remember that this is the reason I had LapBand surgery in the first place. Because I am not perfect and I succumb to temptation at times.
Can't you just imagine the embarrassment this poor woman is facing? Toilet paper on her shoe and her dress tucked into her pantyhose. I saw this picture and had to capture it. Today is my yoga class at the gym and I get so much from it. I feel so refreshed and relaxed after the class. It's a "Senior" Yoga class. When I first heard about the class I thought. NO way!! I will go for the regular yoga. I had never taken yoga before and always wanted to. My friend and neighbor, Bonnie suggested we try it and if it wasn't challenging enough then we could take the regular yoga class. Well, we both loved it. In fact the class keeps growing every week and not all the people taking it are seniors. In fact there are a few people in the class with physical limitations. One lady has a prosthetic leg and she does what she can and when we stand up or use the chair she stays on the floor. Our instructor is terrific and stresses that we are where we are supposed to be as far as our fitness and it's okay. To only do what we can, and if it hurts back off until it doesn't. Have a good day all!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think each of our blogs are different and all well worth reading. The thing is we all have something to share and just hearing from different people really is interesting to me. I would enjoy that kind of yoga class. I couldn't do much I'm sure as I'm out of shape. Once I get to the camp ground I've promised myself to walk more. I hope your day is a great one!
'On Ya'-ma

Jody V said...

I agree with MA Kathy. You have great things to contribute! I get bloggers block all the time.

I really want to try yoga. I am so stressed lately I really feel it would help. I just bought a DVD on the way home. Hopefully I will open it! Classes work much better.

We are having rainy, gloomy weather in Jersey...it makes me so tired!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Please keep blogging!
Hope you have a good visit to the doctors office.

Judi said...

Hey Kathy....
Can I beat you now? I adore your homey and warm style of writing! Your blog is so wonderful! We all have something to say!!! So, say it!
As for yoga...everyone tells me I would love it. But, I've never done it. I gotta get that on my to-do list.
Good luck with the dr and the slight fill. It really is a journey!
Glad to hear you are having sunshine....we are having SNOW. Yep, SNOW.
Have a great Easter! Step away from the chocolate bunnies! ;-)