Monday, June 15, 2009

Relief at Last....

I am happy to say that since I visited my doctor and he removed a little of the saline in my LapBand I have found relief at last. No more having to sleep in the recliner or with numerous pillows under my head. I am able to just go to bed and sleep. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to just be able to sleep and not be afraid to take a sip of water after 6pm. The band had gotten a little tighter over time and just needed a little taken out. Ahhhhh!
Today we are going on a picnic and hike with a group from our church. Our friends that are visiting us will be going with us. We are going to a waterfall in our area. Oregon has many, many waterfalls and this particular one we've never been too. I am looking forward to seeing it. I'll take my camera so I can share what it looks like. In our area there are 6 or 7 really pretty waterfalls. We've only been to one of them so now we'll be able to scratch this one off the list of to do waterfalls too. I made some potato salad to take with us and my friend Eileen made carrot raisin salad. After our hike we'll be having barbecued hamburgers and the salads. Everyone is to bring a salad and the burgers and drinks and utensils are being provided. The hike to the waterfall is only 1/2 mile but there is also a two mile hike for those who want to take it. I am going to go for the 2 mile hike since I won't be able to go to the gym today. That way I'll get my exercise in too.
It's been a productive weekend. My hubby put a mound on our front yard and we planted 2 Japanese Maple trees that we've had in large planters on it. We also put a century plant and several ornamental grass plants on it. We put fences around the maples to keep the deer from eating them and the other plants are deer resistant. I'll try and get a picture of it too. We also put a 2 tiered wall around it with stacking blocks. It looks so pretty.

4 comments: said...

I love the Japanese maples, we have two in our yard. They are so pretty.
I am so glad dear friend you finally got some relief for the acid reflux.
David suffers from it and has to watch what he eats before bed. It is very painful.
I hope you have a good time at the waterfalls. Sounds like my kind of a day. Good food, good friends and water near by.

Judi said...

Thank God you can now sleep!
I'm so glad all it took was to have the saline removed!
I have a Japanese Maple--I just love it!!! It is just the most beautiful tree!
Sounds like a great day--a little exercise, some good friends, a nice meal and great scenery!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy day away!

Elizabeth said...

I love your Japanese Maples!I am Elizabeth,I jumped over from "mostly known as ma"
You can visit me at simplepleasures