Friday, August 21, 2009

LapBand Adjustment..

Here is the card that is given to you when you go to have a fill of your LapBand. This time as well as last time I was in the red zone. It states
"Difficulty Swallowing, Reflux-heartburn, Night cough, Regurgitation, Poor eating behavior. "
The suggested instructions to the doctor is to reduce fluid, not add more fluid. Well, I had a new doctor today at my appointment. My doctor moved away to a practice 30 miles further north. A new doctor has been retained but she isn't on board yet. In the mealtime a veteran WLS doctor is coming to our Bariatric Center on Fridays to help with band adjustments and other things that can't wait. Well, I explained to her that I had fluid taken out in June and since that time I still have heartburn and reflux but I need just a little more added because I am not losing weight now, in fact I've gained a couple of pounds. She looked at my records and also at the pictures of the barium swallow I did in February. She asked me why the doctor didn't remove all the fluid so I had a chance to heal. I shrugged my shoulders since I had no clue. Then she told me the bad news. "I won't be added any fluid to your band today, in fact I am going to take it all out. I want you to have a scope test to find out what's going on with you. You might have an ulcer or something else. So she proceeded to remove all the saline from my band and gave the nurse my chart to set up the test for me. She said after a month, depending on what the test shows I can have another fill.
I was both sad and happy. She seemed to be really concerned about what I've gone through. She mentioned that my band was very tight the day I had the barium swallow from the pictures. I told her my esophagus was swollen still. But since that time things just haven't been right. She said the band didn't look slipped, in fact it looked like it was placed right, except it seemed really high. Oh dear. I sure hope this isn't going to result in my having to have another surgery to correct this band. So now, I will really have no restriction and she also said she wants me back on the Prilosec immediately and twice a day. It will help me to heal. So I'm back on it as of before dinner tonight.


Apifera Farm said...

wow, you are a brave woman and I applaud you for sticking with this and working towards oyur goal. I hope this doctor can help get things back on track, and as soon as possible!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm so sorry that things are going well for you right now. But, it's good that the doctor had you best interest in mind.

Jody V said...


This may be a temporary set back for you. Hang in there. I haven't gone through this but you can do it. Look at the progress you have made to date and ride the coat tails until you are back to "banded normal" whatever that may be. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers (as always!) and please, please keep us updated.

Your LapBanded Buddy in Jersey,

Pam said...

My goodness. I hope you get all of this straightened out.

Jody V said...

Yes emotions went full circle. It's amazing how you and others can help me so much and be so far away. I am ever thankful...


Judi said...

Oh Kathy!
I am just catching up now on what happened. I am so sorry. BUT--it is time to heal. And, if THIS does it and ends your suffering--it's for the best. So, I will keep my fingers crossed that it won't take long until you are back to feeling good and not having all these issues. No one should live with such discomfort!
I know that sounds terrible but maybe you can use this moment to eat something you haven't been able to have (something you really love!) since you had your lapband. I know...beat me with a wet noodle....I'm just awful to make such a suggestion. But, still....
This is a temporary set back--I am sure of it. Like Jody said--you have made great progress--THAT won't go away! So, hang in there and keep blogging....that will help!
Onward Kathy!