Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beautiful Autumn

The weather has been so beautiful this week, and

the leaves in our town are turning such beautiful shades of red, orange and burgundy. And all the browns and golds are there too. Our oak tree stopping dropping the acorns that we were being pelted with the last month and now the leaves are beginning to fall. This drives my hubby absolutely bonkers. He is constantly out there blowing the leaves onto the lawn and mulching them with his riding mower. And as soon as he finishes a gust of wind blows down a thousand more leaves. Ah, such is Autumn. Maybe that is why they call it fall. Yesterday we took down the dining room light that has been hanging in the now living room and hung a track light fixture that you can shape to your liking. We bought it about a year and a half ago. I was so happy when he said he wanted to do that. I don't like to nag him about all the things that still need to be done so when he gets productive I just go with the flow.
Our printer is on the blink. I sent a recipe to it the other day and when I went to the computer room to pick it up there was a message on the printer that said "INK SYSTEM FAILURE" I followed the instructions on the HP website for the model we have and still no luck. So now I guess I will have to get it fixed. I don't know if computer repair places also fix printers. I hate to just buy a new one since this one isn't very old and it's a blue tooth 4 in one printer. It's also a photo printer. Darn!! We don't use it overly much so I don't thing it's worn out. Oh well, guess I will call around and see who will fix it.
I am sitting here and it's ten minutes to six in the morning. I've been awake since 2:35 when Chloe woke me up. These pets of ours have been terrible about waking us the last few weeks. Once I am awake it's hard for me to get back to sleep, I start thinking about things I need to do and start making lists in my head and before I know it an hour or two have gone by and I just get up and wait to get sleepy again. I am now starting to feel sleepy so I am going to end this for today. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Sonya said...

Love the photo up at the top of the page. I am loving fall too. We have woods behind us so keeping up with the leaves is almost impossible. Not but one small tree in front so usually the neighbors are not hampered by it. lol
Hope you get the printer fixed. My vacuum broke. That makes me furious that an expensive vacuum will not work! lol Have a good one.

Dutch said...

I really wish we were getting fall weather. It is more like winter already. The temperature this morning was 28 degrees.
We have a walnut tree in our yard and when they fall they hit the house and it sounds like a bomb. We have to be careful when we leave the house because if we got hit by one of them it would surely knock us out.
I would love to get track lighting in my kitchen and living room.
Have a wonderful Sunday. said...

I love your new blog header.
The leaves are just now turning.
Hope you can get your printer fixed. We had to buy an new one not long ago. It is going to be 71 today here. Not very fall like. I am ready for cooler weather.Hope you enjoy your sunday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The leaves here are late in turning colors. I think it is because of all the rain we've had. But like you we did stop being pelted by the acorns. Did you try changing the ink in your printer. Just a thought I've a hp too but have never had that problem. Right now I do need to put new in as it's telling me I'm out and I know I am because what I last printed was not there at all.
It is always something. Take care and I hope you got some rest!

Trixie said...

oh goodness -- my hubby fights the same yearly leaf battle. Too funny. I keep telling him, it's FALL, we are supposed to have some leaves on the ground :)

Take Care,


Judi said...

Hope you got back to sleep! Yes, it is definitely Fall here in Western PA. It's not quite at it's peak but it's lovely. Our drive home yesterday from visiting my daughter was so calming---seeing all those colors in the mountains! I'll bet they will be even better next weekend! We're expecting some record breaking cold this week but I sure hope we are done with the rain!
I do have to decorate indoors for the season. I am waaaayyyyyy behind on that project! If only I didn't have a job and a life....!
How are you feeling??