Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, the water line is going down in the Ipod but who knows if it will still work once the water evaporates? I could just kick myself for not being more careful. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Yesterday I had lunch with 3 friends at a fairly new restaurant in our area. They make the best bread. Oh it's delicious. Only problem is I can't really eat it because it's very dense. It is hard for me to get it through my Lapband. They sell several different flavors and they are all good. They opened a vegetarian restaurant where their bakery is. I had a cup of Butternut Squash soup and a small spinach salad. Very good. One of my friends ordered a vegetarian Reuben sandwich. She took it home for later as she was full after her salad. I'll have to call her today and see how she liked it. After lunch we stopped by a local winery so one of the girls could pick up her wine club wines. I had never been there before and was amazed at what a pretty place was just a few miles from my house. They built a cave that has beautiful inlaid tables made from wine barrels. There are sculptured figures on the stone walls inside and as you are walking in the cave they have scriptures on the floor from the book of Romans. It was very cold inside and it felt good to get outside to the garden area. It's been in the 50s the last few days which is pretty warm for this time of the year. Our area here in Southern Oregon has become quite the winery area over the last several years. We have several wineries and even a wine tour that takes in a couple of adjoining areas. I plan on checking a few of the other wineries out this year too. We didn't do any wine tasting during our visit but I'll have to come back and try some of their wines.
Today I plan to go to the Zumba class again. It rained pretty hard last night and now it's pretty quiet out there. I don't know if the rain is expected to continue today or not.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The sun is out here and it's warmer, but the wind is blowing so that it doens't really feel any warmer. There are several wineries around where we camp too and we've said that this year we are going to check them out.

Pam said...

What is Zumba?