Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out with with October

This month just flew by for me. It must have been all that I did that caused that sensation. Starting with my birthday on the 3rd, and then my brothers and their wives came to visit. After that we went to the coast for crabbing and salmon fishing. Now we are preparing for another visit, this time from my hubby's sister and her husband. This must be vacation central this year. Just kidding, we love seeing our siblings and enjoy their visits.

When I got home from the coast I felt as though I had gained 5 pounds or more. I stepped on the scale and it was up 2 pounds. I got back on it this morning and that 2 pounds was gone. I am still amazed at how I am maintaining weight instead of gaining it. After years of slowly gaining back what I had worked so hard to lose, this just is so cool. I do love this band!! But, I haven't lost any weight in six months. I had my last adjustment (fill) in February. They say as you lose weight you need to get a fill because the fat (ugh, what a word) around the band goes away and then the band becomes lose again. I was reading one of the blogs I follow this morning and it's a fellow lapbander's blog. She wrote what she ate in a day and I was stunned. I realized then I am eating way too much a day and that is why I am not losing but just maintaining. Think I need to call the surgeon for an appointment. I mentioned it to my DH a couple of weeks ago and he said, "no you don't! You have to sleep sitting up now!" But I do that to keep my reflux from causing me to cough or aspirate during the night. Since I started propping pillows up behind me I sleep so much better. It's working so why shouldn't I get an adjustment. I wonder if I told the doctor how I am sleeping, would he say no more fills. I am torn. Then the other day my friend and I were talking and she said she thought I didn't need to lose anymore weight. My husband agreed. I don't want to be rail thin, I just want my BMI to be out of the obese category. How can I be "thin enough" if the charts say I am still obese? Lately I have had several people mention that I have lost even more weight. I haven't. I think your body just redistributes the weight and that is what they're seeing. Also, I am at the gym 5 days a week working out and that causes muscle mass and fat loss but I think I'll call and talk to the nurse at the surgeon's office and see if she recommends I come in.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it is wonderful that you are maintaining and looking so well that people are noticing. I would do what the doctor recommends. Hope you enjoy the next round of company. Have a Happy Thursday!

Lisa said...

Wow that is awesome you have been working out so much! I think it would be good to get an opinion or recommendation from the doctor about your thoughts. That's great you've had a busy and fun September. October is such a pretty time of year...

Judi said...

Oh Kathy! I know exactly how you are feeling. I really have not lost much weight within the past few months but people keep commenting on how much weight I've lost recently. And, I'll be honest--I am down a pants size since Spring. But, the scale shows no significant loss (up and down the same 2 lbs). So, it is definitely our bodies redistributing! If you really feel like you need a fill--go to your dr and talk it out. Since you are maintaining then it's a good thing--you must not be overeating too much. I did get a fill this last time---a very small one. But, like I think you probably read on my blog--people are mentioning that I am getting too thin. It's concerning me a bit (thus the turkey neck post). I think I need a brand new haircut and color to change things up a bit.
Yes, this band is a miracle!

Jody V said...

Hey Kathy!

Wish I lived closer to you and I would visit also!! Being in the gym 5 days a week is fantastic!! I need to follow your lead. I have an appt next Wednesday to see the surgeon. To fill or not to fill...that seems to be our question!