Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Second Chances...

Got a call from the vet's office yesterday. They wanted to know if I had decided what I wanted to do with Sissy's remains yet. They said they couldn't hold her any longer. I was shocked!! I had already told them when I went in to pay the bill the morning she was euthanized. I asked them to take care of her. They had said they could have her cremated or I could take her and bury her. The cremation was $120. After paying the bill which was already $316 I decided I couldn't pay anymore. The next day I had all these weird feelings that I should have taken her and buried her here at our home. I was afraid it was too late. Now they called a week later to ask about it. I told them I'd be right in to get her. It was a strange feeling as I drove back to pick her up. When I got there they escorted me out to my car and handed me a box that was all taped up. I could feel the weight inside of my little darling kitty. When I got her home my hubby had already dug a hole in our back yard under a small tree. We placed the whole box in the hole and both of us covered it with the dirt. I felt better. She is home again where she belongs. I know her spirit or soul has already left her body but at least a part of her is here in her family's yard. I said a prayer over her little grave and came in to snuggle with my other two pets. I am sorry if this is a little morbid.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a band adjustment. I have mixed feelings about it. I know I can eat too much now so I am not losing any weight but I worry that I will be too tight and have a problem again. The whole reason for getting the band is to have the control and that is why I decided to go for it. After all, I can always have some of the saline removed if I need to.


Lady Lap Band said...

Kathy I am so so sorry for the loss of your kitty! I lost my kitty a few years ago and I still miss her so much! Animals really are part of your family.

I think you should definetly get the fill but maybe just a smidgen! But you are right if its too much you can always just get a little taken out!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a shock. Just like going through the whole thing again. It's good you have some other critters to snuggle with right now. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

amandakiska said...

Oh I'm so glad you got to bury her!

It sounds like you just need a tiny fill. Maybe a cc or 2. Good luck!

Shirley said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty. That was terrible that the vet let it go so long but I'm glad she's home with you.

Judi said...

Oh Kathy....God speaks to us in the most surprising ways! I'm so happy Sissy is home (in more ways than one, of course).
As for the band adjustment....I agree...we got these bands to help us MAINTAIN our loss. Your doc knows your history, you know what's going on with your body right now. Add that all together and the right answer should present itself as to what to do!
Keep us posted!
Thinking of you!

Jody V said...


Most of us have been there with a pet. I bet you do feel better.

Hang in there,