Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finished Two Quilts

I finally finished my husband's fishing quilt and also a small rag quilt I made for my great grandson. He is two and so I put some animal prints on it to help him learn words. I wasn't sure I liked it until it was finished and now I am happy with it. I haven't taken a picture of it yet so I can't post it but I will. Bob loves his quilt and it's very warm and soft. I used fleece on the back of it and also used Warm and White batting in it. It was a bit heavier to finish it but it really doesn't feel exceptionally heavy but feels wonderful. Right now Chloe (our Bichon) is sleeping on it. Bob laid it on the floor for her to lay on. She isn't feeling well. She started acting not like herself around 5 last evening. She didn't eat her dinner, just laid around all night. She woke me around 2:30 to go outside and when we came back in she headed to the living room and the quilt. I gave her a dose of the anti inflammatory her vet prescribed and I am hoping she will start to feel better. It's been pretty cold and damp here the last week and that kind of bothers her arthritis.

I am planning to go to our Christmas Fair at our Fairgrounds today. It's the largest one in Southern Oregon and usually there are plenty of things I find interesting. I just hope I can find some gifts there for Christmas and not just things I want for me.

Last night we watched the Oregon Ducks play against UCLA and I am starting to really get into football. I hate to admit that since there are already football games on in our house whenever one is televised. I usually just watch the Super Bowl but I do enjoy watching the Ducks play. I was in the process of fixing dinner (pork chops) when the game started. I had forgotten the game was last night. I mentioned that if I had remembered the game we could have just had pizza so we wouldn't have to miss anything. That's all I needed to say. The Ducks were ahead in the second quarter and Bob left to go pick up a pizza at Domino's. We live farther away than they will deliver to us so we have to go pick it up. Not really great diet food but all I had was two pieces and they were small because it was a medium pizza. Sounds like I am trying to justify here doesn't it? I didn't lose any weight this week but I am still going to the gym 5 days and week and this week I had some really great workouts.

Well, I am up way too early so I am heading back to bed now for a few more hours of sleep before I go to the craft fair. Have a good day all..


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

you have been busy. The quilt is beautiful. I like the colors.

Jody V said...

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful job you did with it!

Sounds like all is well with you and Bob. Enjoy the fair!


Sheila Y said...

Love the quilt, so pretty. Poor Chloe, I hope she is feeling better. I hope you found lots of good things at the Christmas fair. Take care, Sheila

Sam said...

That quilt s beautiful :o)

Diann said...

LOVE that quilt! You did a gorgeous job making it!

Barb said...

I am so impressed with the gorgeous quilt you made for your husband. I've never tried quilting, was told it is very hard and quite complicated, so I stuck to other things like trying new recipes, writing stories, making encouraging tapes for family and friends.
Took a quick stroll through your blog and love it! Will definitely visit again. Have an awesome week.