Friday, November 21, 2008


Not too much happening here today. We are meeting some friends for dinner at Sizzler tonight. Not exactly a gourmet restaurant but we like it. I haven't been there much since my LB surgery. Last time I ordered a dinner with salad bar and just asked for the dinner to be put in a to go box as soon as it arrived. I ate my salad bar fixings and was happy with that. The next day I ate my dinner that I brought home. I did get in my workout today. We are still waiting to hear the results on the blood tests hubby had done the other day. Amazingly enough he has had very high blood pressure since we bought our own little monitior last year. Since he went to the doctor the other day, his pressure has been normal. I mean like 118/74 up to about 120/80. Not higher than that. I thought for sure the doctor would have to prescribe something to lower high pressure. I am wanting to put away my Thanksgiving decorations since we are having dinner at friends' house and start to decorate for Christmas after reading all the blogs I read with some of the beautiful decorations some of my fellow bloggers are doing. I haven't put any out in the last few years because we didn't have any festivities here. I love putting a tree up and all my many collectables so this year I think I will drag them out and put them up. I'll take some pictures if I do.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems impossible that it is time to decorate, but after Thanksgiving I'll put out a few things. I don't do a big tree any more, but I've got a little one that'll sit on a table in the corner. 'OnYa'-ma

JCWillow99 said...

Sounds good. I love the salad bar.we use to have a sizzler here. I liked the sirlon tips with mushrooms and peppers.
Hope you have a good weekend..

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

First...I hope Hubby is ok! Next...I am with you in that I want to decorate for Christmas! Frank said he has never seen me so excited! It is because of all you decorating gals on the blog. You inspire me! Please, Please take pics. I need the inspiration to due more!
Have a great weekend.

Jody V

littleyab said...

Kathy, is there a lap band support group in Eugene.? tks

Kathy said...

littyab yes there is a lapband support group in Eugene. Call Oregon Bariatric Center at the new Hospital. 541-335-2700

Anonymous said...

tks Kathy, but I called & was told it was only for people who had the proceedure done at their facility & would give out no info about the group. Guess I'm out of luck as my wife's proceedure was done in Everett WA. tks anyway Danz