Saturday, November 22, 2008

November is coming to an end soon

The leaves have just about all fallen out of the trees, but I like this picture anyway. It's a Thomas Kinkade. My hubby and I collect his paintings. We have 12 of them throughout our house. We started buying them back in the early 90s and I don't think we've purchased one since the late 90s. We have no more wall space in our little house. We both love his work. I am cleaning house and doing laundry. I got in a really good workout today at the gym. I had my leftovers from dinner out last night for my lunch and I am taking a break right now. It's a sunny and cool day outside. Possibility of rain later I think. No clue what I am going to fix for dinner today. Maybe some leftover pork tenderloin from Thursday night. It turned out really good. Well, I just heard the dryer turn off so I best go fold some clothes. Have a good weekend all.


Jody V said...

Your home must be absolutely beautiful with all those paintings. He does extraordinary work.