Saturday, November 15, 2008


Saturday morning, and all is quiet finally. I was awakened by my cats again this morning. They have started wandering around and meowing at around 4:30am recently. I don't know what the deal is but it sure isn't fun. I usually get up early but not this early. So I got up just to apease them (probably a mistake) and they settled down and got quiet. I love when it's quiet early in the morning. I can read or pray or do whatever and all is peaceful. It is looking a bit foggy outside but it will burn off since we are forecasted to have another beautiful day today. I think when I go to the gym I shall take my camera and get a few pictures of the last of the trees around the area that still have leaves. Our leaves are just about gone but I have noticed in town there are still some with really pretty red leaves. I love this time of year. So crisp and beautiful. I got some work done outside yesterday. I finally got rid of my tomatoes. They still had fruit and it was ripening but I tossed the plants in the compost pile. The deer probably ate what they wanted off them. I also had a few herbs that had gone to seed and were all leggy looking. I had all these plants in pots on our deck since the deer would get to them if they were in the yard. We hope to install an 8 foot fence around the backyard for next year so I can have a flower garden and even a vegetable garden and not have the deer feeding on it all. I trimmed a few other plants down and noticed I had new blossoms on the "four o'clocks" or "evening primrose" as my neighbor calls them. They bloom at night and fade the next day. They hadn't bloomed since August and suddenly got a burst of energy. Well, I need to get the coffee going. Have a great day everyone.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope your day is a great one. The leaves are off the trees here and it's a dreary day, but I'm in and staying here. Lots to do inside so I'll keep warm and dry.
'On Ya'-ma