Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainy Weekend Fun

Saturday afternoon my hubby and I decided to try out our WII game that we bought back in July and never used yet. I know, hard to believe we hadn't used it but we left for a trip right after we bought it and by the time we got back we just kind of forgot it. Anyway it was raining and there was nothing to watch on the tube so we pulled out the controllers and proceded to play the bowling game. I cleaned his clock and his ego couldn't take that so he suggested we play 2 out of 3 games. Well finally the third game I let him win one. Then we tried the boxing one and he kept knocking me out so he won that one. All in all we decided it is a fun thing to have and when friends are over next time we will definitely play it. Now last night when I went to get up off the sofa my hip was aching and I was limping. I couldn't figure out why. It is still sore this morning so I finally realized it was the bowling game. I used the same form I do when really bowling and that action is what is causing my soreness. Man, sure can tell I am getting up there in years. My hubby said his arms were tired. He stayed up and played with it until about 3am on Sunday morning after I went to bed. So now we're both sore. I hope I can do my workout at the gym today. I think once I start moving things will be ok. Guess the WII is good for more than game play, getting a workout in too. Maybe I need to get the WIIfit. Have a good day all.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my son's and his wife have that game and the grandkids love to play it when they come in for the holidays. It's good for all ages. Hope that soreness goes away. 'On Ya'-ma

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

Just don't let go of those controllers and have it go through the TV!! WiiFit is a lot of fun but boy...what a work out!!

Hope you are feeling better today! If not, play again to loosen up!


PS- Potato Soup for dinner tonight!

Judi said...

Wow! Who would have ever thought we'd get sore from playing a video game! My son loves to play with my little nephew and both of them complain about aches the next day (they are 10 & 23!) so don't think it's your age!
You're young if you own a WII!!! We did the WII fit on's a great idea!
Keep beating that hubby!

Gerry said...

I wanted to get my sons that game but they said it was to physical...they are couch potatoes. I really should get it for myself since I moved my coffee table out of the living room. Thanks for such a nice story!