Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 Days until Christmas

Well, these last couple of days have been pretty busy. We've had a freeze and more snow is in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I am going to start some baking today. I plan to send baking care packages to my grandsons. Since their mother isn't here and they are missing her I figured some cookies and loving goodies from Grandma might soothe their souls.
I managed to lose another pound this week. I am averaging one a week. If I lose 2 pounds one week, the next week I don't lose. So it all averages out. I am so grateful to have had this surgery. I think back to last year and I was feeling so badly. So unhappy with my weight and having nothing to wear. Everything I would try on in stores looked frumpy or just plain awful. Now if I do go shopping for something to wear, (which I am trying to wait on) I can find something in the misses sizes and not only does it fit, it looks pretty good. I think the changes in me are are more than physical. Inside I am feeling so blessed and proud of myself for getting to the gym daily. I feel so much stronger and my general well being is so improved. Okay, enough of my pumping myself up.
I hope everyone in blogland is enjoying the season and starting to feel the spirit of Christmas now. Have a good day.


Jody V said...

Good for you Kathy!! I am going to try and bring the spirit around today a bit by baking also. I have a horrible cold so I am staying in the house napping with Toby my Papillon. Have a great day and keep up that good weight loss work! You're great motivation.


Gerry said...

Wow, you are doing so great on your weight loss! You, Jody and Judi are such an inspiration.


Judi said...

Kathy---YOU deserve to feel as good as you feel! Isn't it funny how much this one little band has changed our lives? We really must get Oprah on the BANDwagon....

I just love coming to your warm and fuzzy blog!

Kathy said...

Thanks to all of you for your very nice comments. You make me feel so good.