Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting Packed

Here is Chloe watching out the windshield of the motor home. This was on a different trip than this one. I was just going through some pictures and saw this and thought I'd post it. I loaded lots of food and other things into the motor home today. It was sure cold in there. Brrr! Tomorrow I will put all the refrigerator items in and my clothes. My hubby is in the process of putting his clothes in now. We are taking our cats too. It's always an interesting challenge when we first take off. Molly always gets sick, and Sissy always hides under a chair. The first couple of hundred miles are hard for them and then they adapt and actually like it. They love to look out the windows. Sometimes they walk on the dashboard as we're driving down the highway. But I know they are much happier with us than being left at home.

The weather has turned a bit and we are getting rain. I only hope it doesn't get too cold and snow in the pass between Oregon and California. If it does we may have to take the coastal route which is much longer but safer.

I wanted to post about the acid reflux I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago. It was getting worse so I bought some Prilosec or actually the generic for it which is omeprazole. The first night I took it and it didn't really work but the second day I took it in the morning like they recommend and I had my first night without a problem in weeks. Hooray!! They only want you to take it for 14 days. I don't know if I will continue it after that. I don't want to develop any illness from it. My hubby takes Protonix and says it works really well for him. Maybe I will try that when my Omeprazole is used up. What a drag to have to deal with this. But at least it works and keeps me from having acid reflux while I sleep.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wish I were going with you. It sounds wonderful. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy it to the fullest. Good to hear that you found something to give you relief so you can sleep. 'On Ya'-ma Cassie) said...

what a cute picture of your little pup. getting ready for the trip. I would love to have a little dog like yours.
Sounds exciting, but I know it is a lot of work all the packing and such.
Glad you found something to help with the acid reflux.
take ca5re..

Gerry said...

Don't you just hate that acid reflux...especially when you are trying to go to sleep at night. I just love your pic on your blog. Hope your trip is great!

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

I wish I was going with you!! Listen, if your acid reflux doesn't go away please see your doctor. Us banded folks have to be weary of acid reflux to a point. Have a great time!!


Andrea said...

Chloe looks ready to go!! It's great that you vacation with her...that's the only way to travel!! :)

Anonymous said...