Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aren't these horses beautiful? They are Arabian fillies. We visited a horse ranch on our vacation in February. I went through my pictures to find one suitable for the A Thousand Words Thursday and I like this one.

I had a dental appointment this morning. I went for a cleaning. The dental hygienist is a new one there and the old one just used instruments to clean my teeth. This one used one of those ultrasound machines too. I hate those. Makes me feel like my skull is vibrating. But my teeth are nice and smooth and shiny now.

It's so pretty out today. We are supposed to have warmer weather this weekend in the mid to high 70s. It's probably in the low 60s now but it sure is nice out. I helped hubby in the yard a while ago. We were shoveling gravel into his little trailer. After about 20 minutes it occured to me that I could never have done this a year ago. I would have been too tired after a couple of shovels full. I never did get tired. Of course I didn't tell him that or I would still be out working.

I have some dahlias to plant and also some other bulbs to get in the ground. I want to make a bed for the dahlias. I need to fence it off or the deer with eat them. They came on our porch last year and ate some of the dahlias out of a large planter. We have cages around most of our little bushes and plants. Our neighbor put an 8 foot fence around his back yard so they could have a vegetable garden and tulips and such. I would like to do the same thing.


Sonya said...

Have fun planting and creating. Take a pic too! lol
Had to laugh at the dental equipment shaking your skull...I know that feeling. Good to have the clean teeth though. lol

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy,

Sounds like a beautiful day. we are having great weather here in Jersey too. Spring has finally arrived.

Enjoy your planting!!


Judi said...

Hi Kathy....Well, we finally have sunshine and warmth today! I sure wish I didn't have to work today---I'd be out there doing yard work for sure!
Enjoy your day!
And, oh yeah....those horses are absolutely majestic. A reminder of how truly magnificent God's handywork is!
Have a great weekend!