Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, back on track today. I put the leftover Easter candy away so it wouldn't continue to call my name every time I walked past it. I weakened and ate several pieces yesterday and then I chastised myself afterward. I need to go through the pantry and get rid of snack foods too. But I probably won't. They aren't as easy to eat as the candy is. Candy doesn't stick it just goes down easy. I have to remember I am still a work in progress and will from time to time backslide.

Our friends sold their RV over the weekend and they want us to drive to Eugene today with them while they look for a new one. I am resisting because if I go with them I won't be able to get in my workout. I am hesitant to not go to a workout because I know me and if I start missing them pretty soon I will make excuses and stop going all together. I found out I can apply to be a volunteer at the Y (ymca) and if accepted I just need to work for 2 hours a week and my membership fee will be waived. I am excited about that. I filled out an application and I am going to turn it in today.

When I woke up this morning it was snowing outside, in fact it still is only it's starting to look more like rain and the sun is trying to burn through the clouds. This has been the strangest weather year.

Well, I need to get up from this computer and get moving. Hubby went into town to get new tires on his "silver bullet" and I need to get my workout duds on . Chloe is snuggled up at my side. She has a sore leg today. Her legs are very short and she jumps off the furniture and hurts them from time to time. We try to stop her before she jumps but sometimes she hits the floor before we can get to her. Poor baby.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have rain not snow thank goodness. Hope you enjoy that workout and also get your free membership. 2 hours a week is not bad. But it wouldn't be good if you want to do something else. It would tie you down. 'On Ya'-ma

JCWillow99@gmail.com..( Cassie) said...

poor little chloe...I bet she wants to follow you when she jumps down.
The ymca is great way to stay in shape. I have two neighbors who go and am trying to get courage to start.

Judi said...

I hear you about the chocolate! It slides right by that old Lapband doesn't it?
I am so impressed with your can-do attitude with your work-outs! I think it's also great that you are looking at volunteering at the YMCA. What a super idea! It gives me a thought---my son belongs to the local Y where he is living. His PhD research and class schedule gives him little time to make friends--thus he has been quite lonely in his new town. Perhaps volunteering at the Y would give him a good resource to be around people in a non-stressful environment and help him make friends (and feel like he belongs to something) while saving him some money! I'm loving this idea! Thanks Kathy!!!!
So, did you go on the little road trip or did you go to the gym? Maybe you did both!!!
Thanks for your nice comment!!!

Joyce said...

It sounds like you are staying on track. Wish I could get on track. I hate that I am such a snacker but can't seem to stop. Hoping things change when the weather gets better and I can get outside more.
Hugs, Joyce

Susan said...

Poor Chloe! Our Bichon, Kippy, tore her ACL in January. She is doing better now but I got tendinitis in my thumb from lifting her up the steps and onto the couch, etc. She weighs 11 pounds and is 13 years old.

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Hi Kathy, this is the first time I have visited your post. I came upon your post when I saw you posted a comment to Back Porch Musings makeover. We are kindred spirits. I have a Bichon too. We named him Caesar. Aren't they wonderful little dogs? My husband and I still work. We have an RV and enjoy camping. For the past two years we have had it at the same campground for the season. We think we may go back to being weekenders. Either way has it's pros and cons. My daughter and her family have the site next to us. She lives 2 hours away and it affords me the opportunity to visit. I will add you as a favorite. Blessings.