Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting Back into the Groove.......

Things are getting pretty much back to normal here. Thank the good Lord for that. I have been going back to the gym since Monday and I'm slowly cleaning the motor home. I washed all the linens and towels and put them back and emptied the fridge and cleaned it good. I wiped down all the counters with Clorox wipes and today I plan to thoroughly clean the bathroom and vacuum all the cat hairs up again. The big dashboard collects the hairs in all the nooks and crannies. Tomorrow my husband has an appointment to take it in for the generator to be looked at. I am praying it isn't too expensive a repair. We need it fixed regardless but money is tight now that vacation is over so I hope it's not too much.

Our county fair started on Tuesday and we usually go to the concerts they have but we've missed the first two. I guess we're just kind of burned out after the last two months of running here and running there. I would like to go tonight though and see Josh Turner. He is a country singer with a really deep voice and is oh so cute besides.

I don't know if I mentioned that my doctor relocated to Washington state so I am out of a doctor. The doctor who ran the clinic was going to take on all her patients and then at the last minute she gave up her practice and went to work for the VA Hospital here in town. This all transpired while I was gone on vacation. Her office sent out letters to all the patients involved along with the names of doctors who would be willing to take on the patients who no longer have a doctor. Well, by the time I got the word and started looking into it I am going to have a nurse practitioner not a doctor. The facility is one I have used for urgent care and it's very nice so I figure, whatever!! There are full fledged doctors there if there is a problem. And as if that isn't enough, my LapBand surgeon also left the practice where I had my surgery done. He moved to a city 30 miles to the north of it. Now he is 110 miles from where I live. I have the option of following him or going with whoever they get as his replacement. As far as I know they haven't found anyone as yet. They have another doctor who will come in one day a week as a substitute until the position is filled. I can't believe I have lost both doctors in the same week. I may just go with the new doctor and hopefully that doctor will have more experience dealing with LapBand issues such as the reflux I have been having. I am debating going in for another fill since I can practically eat anything now and usually do. I have gained about 4 pounds after the vacation and lack of exercise. I am back to eating better so I am hoping to drop the weight but I really need to lose another 40 pounds so I don't know. I am worried that I will have the same problem if I get an adjustment. Well, I think I have said a mouthful and it's time to get busy around here.


Angi said...

Is your lapband doctor, Dr. Yarbrough?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes it seems a lot of work to get back to normal. Hope you find a doctor closer to home. Enjoy being home again!

Sonya said...

Just letting you know I read your post. I think it is awesome you have the RV. That is one of my dreams. I really don't think we will ever have one. I'm scared of storms and George is scared of major purchases. ha.
I know we would enjoy getting away though. It would fit our styles well. I just need a safe room in mine. lol.

So sorry about your doctors. That is scary to loose two at once. I'm sure it makes you feel vulnerable having to accept who is out there. Good luck.