Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, our friends from California left yesterday at 4am. They arrived home at 6:40pm. That is a long way to go in one day. I'll bet they were exhausted from the drive. We went to dinner with them as well as two couples who are our friends and live here by us on Friday night and then we all went to our California friends' house that they just purchased so all could see it. They only have the new bedroom set and dining room set as well as washer and dryer in the house. The trip back to Southern California is to pack up the other house and make the move to Oregon.
My friend was glowing as everyone oohed and ahhed over her new furniture. They got to sleep in their new memory foam mattress the last three nights and raved about how comfortable it is. I laid in it to try it out and it did seem to just cradled me in the foam. As much as I was ready for them to leave I already miss them. But yesterday I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Life is about to return to "normal" as we know it. They don't expect to be back here before early November.
My hubby took our motorhome in to have the generator looked at on Friday. So far we haven't heard anything yet. I don't think he had a chance to check it yet. We are dreading the outcome of this one. It could be pretty costly. And now as if that isn't enough, the check engine light came on in my car Friday also. When it rains it pours.
I was looking around the house yesterday and decided to get busy washing windows and taking down curtains and washing them this week. All the things that normally get done in early summer I can now do.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Kathy, I ran across your blog this morning and I wanted to stop and say Hi! I think it's a very couragious thing you did, having the lapband surgury. I wish you all the luck with that. I've lost 100 lbs. myself and know what it's like to face a long term weight loss goal. I have now had the weight off for 13 years. I know you can do it too! Have a nice Sunday! Twyla said...

I know how you must feel. It is good to have your home back.
How wonderful your friends love t there and are moving close by.
I have wondered about the memory foam mattress. I had a pillow, but did not like it.

Sonya said...

Glad things will return to normal for ya...and I hope the repairs are not costly! They always are though aren't they. Have a good week.

Jody V said...


I am feeling your repair pain costs. It is always something. Glad you have some normal time again!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know you'll feel good getting things done but it is good to have friends and although it won't be long and they'll be back, but have thier own home. I hope your week is a good one.

Judi said...

Oh Kathy! I thought that was YOU laying on the table outside of the Judiland Party Palace!