Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Band Adjustment

Well, I finally got a band adjustment yesterday. I got to meet the two new doctors at the clinic. They were very nice. The male doctor has a LapBand himself and and female is a new doctor from UCLA Medical Center. He thought we should proceed slowly with my fills. So he started out putting in one cc. He commented that my band is only 4ccs and that is an old band. I asked him why he thought they would put an old band in me? He just shrugged his shoulders and I said maybe they were trying to get rid of the old stuff. He nodded like he agreed with that. Anyway, I am doing well and it really isn't much restriction yet but I go back in two weeks for another fill.

I bought a pair of Ugg boots from Whooga and they came last week. They are so comfy and warm. I love them. But they are huge, I feel like I am wearing a shoebox on each foot. LOL And they had a terrible smell when I first got them but it has faded now and they aren't making my closet smell. I think it may have been the dye they used that smelled. They sent me a questionnaire for customer satisfaction and one of the items was the smell, so they must get lots of complaints about that. I am happy with them though.

The weather has cooled off here. We had some rain over the weekend and now it's been sunny but in the low 50s. I think it's supposed to start raining again later this week. I am eager to start losing weight again. I am just thankful that I didn't gain a bunch of weight and have my clothes stop fitting me. That would have been very depressing. Have a good day everyone.


JCWillow99@gmail.com said...

I have heard from several people how comfortable the uggs are.
Boots are really back in style here. Everyone is wearing them with it being warm outdoors..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Finally you can get back on track. I'm glad your clothes still fit because I know how discouraging that can be. I had to go up a size year before last and hated it but the others just did not fit at all anymore. Now I am just hoping to stay where I am with my weight. Hope your day is a great one!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I would feel ripped off that they put an old style band in. I hope there isn't to much difference.

My feet are always cold. I should check out the Uggs. I hear a lot about them.

Dutch said...

I am still waiting to see if I win a free pair of boots.
I am happy that you finally got your band adjusted. I know you have been waiting quite awhile for it.
I am hoping to get my butt in gear & start exercising & eating right. My mind just hasn't been into it. Hopefully soon.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Judi said...

Yeah Kathy! I too have the 4 cc band....whether it's old or not, it's done it's job for me! And, I know you probably feel the same way! I'll bet we didn't get discounts because we got the OLD BANDS!
It's great that the new doc has a band himself! Looks like you are back in Lapbandland! But, I think the biggest reason to celebrate is the fact that even with no restriction--you did great! Whether our bands are the old version or the new version--they not only help in the stomach, they help with the head! You are living proof of that!
As for the Uggs---I never thought I'd love them when I first saw them years back. But, after I inherited a pair (ones that I bought my daughter that were too big), I am an Ugg devotee! (I just wish they weren't so damn pricey!) Wear them in good health!!!

JCWillow99@gmail.com said...

I am putting those on my wish list for Christmas..

Jody V said...

Hi Kathy!!

Glad you're adjustment went well. I have a HUGE 14cc band and I haven't lost like you and Judi did. I heard the smaller bands were more effective. So...I wish I had one too!!

Glad you like your Uggs...I've never tried them on. Guess it's time!!