Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello, Monday...........

Just got back from my workout at the gym. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would do my workout on the elliptical first and then the weight machine circuit. I was doing it in reverse order and some days I just couldn't do my 30 minutes on the elliptical. I was too tired from the weight lifting. So now I do it in reverse order and some days I can do 45 minutes on the elliptical.

My hubby put my quilting frame together on Friday. Now I need to put my machine on it and try quilting on it. I am a little intimidated to try it. I only have one quilt ready to be quilted and I hate to try it out on that one for my first try. I might take one of the prayer quilts we make and use that as my trial quilting project. It takes up one whole wall in our spare bedroom which is now my sewing room. We moved the bed to the computer room so that is now our guest room/computer room. Now I have excess stuff I need to give to Goodwill and find a place to store the remainder of it. I feel like I am constantly whittling down my belongings and it's driving me crazy. But they say if you haven't used something for two years you should give it away. It is really crazy hanging on to things that I don't use, I know, but some of them are very dear to me. Is anyone else facing this same problem? How are you handling it?

My hubby is on a diet for the first time ever. It isn't really a diet, more like cutting back a little. But he hasn't lost any weight after 3 weeks and he is ready to give up. I try to tell him, tactfully, that he isn't really on a diet because he eats large portions still and isn't eating lower calorie foods. He has stopped drinking soda and drinks water only now. He also doesn't eat between meals and before bed like he used to. But he eats large portions mostly at dinner and isn't doing a lick of exercise. I told him he is consuming enough calories to maintain his weight and he needs to start walking or riding his bike or something. He says if he doesn't lose in another week or so he is quitting his "diet" . Men!! So stubborn. He really needs to take off weight. He is over 300 pounds and is diabetic. I worry about his health all the time. He is in denial and doesn't want to do anything about it.

Well, I bought some fabric to make some curtains for the kitchen window so I am off to get that make. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Sounds like my hubby's idea of a "diet", but then again he doesn't really need to lose any weight. Every once in a while he has me cut him down from 4 sandwiches to 3 -- what? Does he want to lose A pound? Tee hee.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh I have things around here that needs to go...I had planned to do a lot this winter but didn't get very far. I'll be very interested to see how the quilting table works. I don't quilt but love them. That is on my list of things to do when I get time. It maybe that your hubby does eventually loose weight with the little bit he is doing. Soda seems to be a big thing people start with when they diet. I hope your week is a great one!

Diann said...

I can't wait to see how your machine does! You must let us know! I am constantly going through things and either repurposing them or donating them. Since I thrift a lot, I need to get rid of a lot at the same time. Of course, a lot of my treasures I find are specifically to be turned into something to be sold. I have gone down 3 sizes in the past year in and half, and I have gotten rid of the biggest clothes but, i really need to cull out anything that is not my size now. That is so hard for me. LOL I don't know why, but it is my hardest area to declutter.

Anonymous said...

I hate clutter, but I also have an issue with 'I might be able to use this one day' or 'but such-n-such gave this to me for x'. :-P
Sometimes I go through phases where I get rid of stuff and I just tell myself that there are other people out there that can find joy or comfort in something I haven't even paid attention to for a year or two. That's my main motivation for giving my stuff away, I feel selfish for having so much that I don't use when others have nothing.
Good luck with trying out your machine, I am sure you will do a great job. Just remember that everything takes practice and even if something isn't perfect first time, it's the flaws and differences that give things character and show that they are made from the heart :-)