Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Next Rag Quilt

Here is the latest rag quilt for my Sis-in-law's new grandson. I am working on the last one for a little girl yet to be born. Finally I will have one done before the baby is born.

I haven't been working very hard on getting these done. I am ashamed to say I wish I devoted more time to my quilting. I go to the gym 5 days a week and when I get home I start with my housework and then I make lunch for my hubby. Before I know it it's time to make dinner and I haven't worked on my quilt. I guess if I worked on them every single day I would get sick of sewing. I don't know. As it is I love it, when I do it.

I am feeling a little sorry for myself today. I am watching the scale creep up a few pounds and my jeans are feeling a little tight today. I workout hard when at the gym everyday I am there. I still use a small salad plate at dinner and yet, I feel as though I am gaining weight. I am thinking of rejoining Weight Watchers. I have until the end of August before I see my bariatric surgeon again. At that time it's any ones guess what he will decide. I only hope there will be an improvement in my esophagus and maybe he'll decide I don't need my band taken out and maybe he will even adjust it a tiny bit so I can have some restriction again. I haven't written my blog in about a month. I just read everyone else's that I subscribe to. One of the blogs I read is
Can't Wait to Lose it.
Jacquie had her lapband removed today and it was replaced (if everything went as planned) by a vertical sleeve. I hope she is doing well now, I believe her surgery was early this morning.
I don't know if I should consider this type of surgery for myself if I have to have my band removed. I will have to wait and see.

Our weather has been so nice this week. Sunny every day and warm but not hot. Today I kept hearing meadowlarks singing all day long. Beautiful. It's pretty quiet outside now. They must be eating and getting ready to call it a day. My hubby went fishing today with a couple of his buddies. He also went on Tuesday. Today they went to a lake and Tuesday they went to the ocean. He caught a couple of lingcod and some black bass. Today he gave what he caught to one of the other guys. He doesn't eat fish and I only eat it occasionally so he doesn't keep most of what he catches. Well, I need to get back to the sewing machine and sew some more before "So you think you can dance" comes on. Good night all.


Cat said...

What a beautiful quilt and congrats getting it done before the baby arrives!

Great job on getting your workouts in everyday! That's so fantastic.

Jody V said...

Hey Kathy!
Your quilts are beautiful! That is amazing you're going to the gym 5 dats a week. I wish I did! I hope everything works out with your band! Keep us updated.


Band Groupie said...

Hey Kathy! Catching up here...

The quilts are beautiful! I've got to collect the rest of my fabrics so I can start on mine this fall.

I'm so sorry you're going through all this with your Band. JMO- I'd certainly replace mine if it was doing all this if the esophagus goes back to normal...if not, I'd consider the sleeve.

Enjoy the quilting!

Sheila Y said...

Those are the cutest little quilts. Sorry you have been having such a time with the band. Praying things work out for you at the next doctor appt. Take care, Sheila

Debi said...

Your quilts are just darling!! I love them!

As for your slow weight gain even though you are trying your best not to gain....well, if your Surgeon decides that you need to have your band removed, I too would consider the Sleeve.

In fact, Walt and I have discussed it, since so many of us bandsters are having problems, that if I continue to have problems in the future, that we would consider doing a revision to the Sleeve....

Oh, and before I forget, I have nominated you for "The Adorable Blog Award"!!

bj said...

I love this are so talented.
And, I, too, have quit wearing swimsuits..shorts and tee shirts are great for riding in the boat and I don't swim anymore, either. :)