Sunday, October 5, 2008

After the Rain

Well we had two days of rain and now the air smells incredible. I love the smell of the air after the rain. Everything smells so clean and fresh. The rain started the oak tree losing it's leaves. We have huge oak in the front of the house and it started dropping it's acorns a few weeks ago. We also have a new deck out front and the acorns are bouncing 4-5 feet high off the deck and the rails. They are littering the yard and the driveway. My hubby is out there every day with his blower trying to keep the driveway clear. Also the deer are out there feeding several times a day. They love the acorns. Even the fawns from this year are out there eating with their Moms. I haven't made my soup from the butternut squash yet but I did find a recipe on a blog I read for Apple Dumplings and I made them for a dinner we had last night with friends over. The apple dumplings were a huge hit. And so easy to make. The hardest part is peeling the apples. I also served roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes and a two cheese broccoli casserole. Everything was delicious. Of course I ate very small portions and only a half a dumpling.