Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday and the sun is back

What a beautiful day it was today. It was about 75 degrees and very nice. I want to lose enough weight to be in the 100s so I have accepted a challenge with my friends at We are trying to lose a certain amount by New Years Day. I hope I can stay focused. I tend to eat an occasional cracker or maybe a dessert if we are with friends. I need to just remember I am trying to lose weight and not be tempted by things that will prevent me from reaching my goal. I did go to the gym and work out today. I always feel better when I do that. I also gave Chloe a bath and she is so soft and pretty when she is clean. After the rain we had it makes her puffy head go flat. She doesn't mind the rain and just wanders around in it sniffing everything and when she comes in her feet are wet as is her belly and her head is flat. It's funny but she still looks cute.