Friday, October 10, 2008

Sicko me

Oh boo for me. I am not feeling well. We were going to go to a haunted house tonight but since I am not feeling up to it we're going to postpone it a few days. Our friends didn't want to be infected by me either. I feel like I am getting strep throat. Hurts really bad to swallow. I have gargled and am using Halls plus drops. Lots of hot tea too. I am babying myself. I am hoping by tomorrow I will be on the other side of this thing. I hate being sick and not feeling up to doing my usual stuff around the house. I don't want to have to be waited on by anyone. Must be the Mom in me. It was pretty cold today and is going to be really cold tonight. All the ski areas got snow last night. I am toasty warm in my slippers and under my quilt on the sofa. I need some chicken noodle soup I think.


bookncoffee said...

I am sorry you feel so bad and I hope its not strep. Get meds if so!
Get meds anyway. lol
Feel better.